The amazing features of Mobdro app

For many years we have been looking for an application or software that will allow us to stream movies and videos on our smartphone. It seems likes our wish has been finally heard because Mobdro app is the best product is the market that will allow you to stream all the latest and old movies on your phone without any restrictions.

The application is developed with the latest technology that allows the users to stream movies, listen to songs and enjoy live sports. You will be able to enjoy anything you want with the Mobdro app. There are many individuals who plan to install the Mobdro app, but they want to know what makes it so special. Here we have the list of all the features you will find in the Mobdro app.



It has been developed with the built-in player that will allow you to use the hardware accelerated video decoding system. You will be able to play the video in any resolution that you like.

mobdro Player


The biggest attraction of the Mobdro app is that there are options of several languages available.

  1. You can select the language that you want
  2. Mobdro app will show you all the content available in that language
  3. The selection process will become quick and easy

Live streaming

You can easily access the live streaming feature that will allow you to observe all types of songs and videos that are available online Or Maybe You can watch the TV shows and the films. You can easily enjoy the live streaming on any device that you have like the

  1. Windows
  2. iPhone
  3. Android

mobdro live streaming

Discover videos

The best thing about the Mobdro app is that you can easily discover any video that you would like to watch. It will provide you the access to all the videos that are available online around the world. There are no restrictions related to the location of the user. Every day new videos are uploaded that you can easily enjoy.

Download Mobdro Apk


It has a special sharing platform that will allow you to share some of your favorite movies with all your friends. It will allow everyone to watch the best movies that are available online.


In case that you have to work and cannot complete the movie, you are watching. Do not worry, just leave it on the bookmark. So you can easily access the movie when you would like to watch it. You will never have to search the movies again that you have in your bookmark list.

mobdro bookmarking

Advanced features

Here are some of the advanced features you will find in the Mobdro app that is not available in the alternatives.

  1. You can easily download your favorite streams with the Mobdro app that you can easily watch later on the offline mode. There is no need to deal with buffering and other issues
  2. In case the internet is not connected, you can easily leave the streams in the install mode. It will save the video for you so you can watch them later easily
  3. There is a premium version of Mobdro app available that will allow you to get rid of all the ads that might have been disturbing you during the videos
  4. Mobdro app is developed with the Chromecast assistance that will allow you to easily adjust the screen size
  5. It has a timer mode available

Mobdro app will provide you an amazing online streaming and movie watching experience. Make sure to get the app now and enjoy all the amazing features.

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