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4 Easy Ways to Start Capturing Better Quality Photos

Are you worried that the quality of the photos that you snap isn’t quite cutting it? Do your photos look blurry, grainy, or lacking in the definition?

Although many people brush off poor quality photos as a problem with the camera, that often isn’t the case. Instead, it is all about your technique – which is good news because that means that you can improve on it.

To be entirely honest capturing better quality photos really isn’t that difficult, and there are a few easy ways that you can start:

1. Keep the camera steady

At the top of your list of things to do should be keeping the camera steady. It is important that your camera is steady so that it doesn’t lose focus, and so the photos look crisp and have good definition.

Learning the right techniques to hold a camera steady can take time, but as a start, you should grip it with both hands and lock your elbows close to your sides for support. If you still have difficulty you may want to consider using a tripod or some other camera holder.


2. Lock the focus before snapping photos

Sometimes locking the focus can help to ensure that it doesn’t shift at the last second. Different cameras have different mechanisms for locking the focus, however, and on some, you will tap the subject on the screen while for others you may have to half-press the button.

3. Observe the lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor in determining the quality of photos, but it can be a complicated one as well. An easy way to start however is to observe the lighting and try to make sure there is plenty of it and that it evenly illuminates your subject without causing too many hard shadows.

Starting to observe the lighting will let you slowly but surely develop a better eye for the effect that it has on your photos.

4. Don’t use the digital zoom

The one thing that you should definitely avoid if you want high-quality photos is the digital zoom. Essentially the digital zoom will just enlarge and crop the image – which will cause it to lose definition and look much less sharp.

Instead of using the digital zoom you should get into the habit of moving yourself physically closer to the subject if you want a close-up. Granted it may not be as convenient, but it is definitely going to be better at capturing details and preserving the definition of the photo.


In addition to the tips listed above, you should definitely try to learn how to edit photos on Mac or PC. Try to find a user-friendly editor, and start to experiment with some of the basics such as color correction, cropping, and so on. For example you could try Movavi Photo Editor for Mac as a place to start.

Make no mistake there are a lot of other factors that will affect the quality of your photos as well, but the ones listed above are the easiest to handle when you first start out. Rest assured you will slowly but surely be able to come to grips with the others as well – and all it really takes is practice. Simply put the more photos you snap, the better you’ll get at ensuring the quality turns out good.

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