Can YoWhatsApp Replace Whats app

Most of Us have used the WhatsApp on our devices. And now it is that common that Large Number of people With smartphone use WhatsApp. And whenever we go to buy smartphones we always look for WhatsApp. We are like addicted to WhatsApp that from calling to instant messaging we use WhatsApp and so we want more features in it. But anywhere the regular WhatsApp lags behind providing good features. But not to worry anymore there are different modes of WhatsApp available such as YOWHATSAPP which has all features of WhatsApp as well as way more than it. this app is developed by YOUSEF AL BASHA so it is called as YOWHATSAPP or YOWA. So to explore more about this let’s get to know its feature.

The feature of Yowhatsapp-


  • WHATSAPP has the feature to hide your online status, double ticks and seen ticks so you can say full privacy.
  • You can custom the themes of group chats and chats. For this, you get lots of theme selection.
  • You can change the home screen wallpaper and also can customize the icon of WhatsApp.
  • YOWA gives the option to choose who can call you and who can’t.
  • In YOWHATSAPP you can share the files and apps for much larger size than regular WhatsApp (more than 700 MB).
  • You can share HD pictures in YOWA/YOWHATSAPP.
  • You can have much larger status than regular WhatsApp and can make choice that who can see your status.
  • You can use this application without uninstalling the regular WhatsApp means you can use this YOWHATSAPP with regular WhatsApp in the same device at the same time.
  • YOWA comes with inbuilt lock system so dependence of third-party app for security is out of the way.
  • In this app you can have a different profile picture in the group and one to one chat.

How to download whatsapp APK for androiddownaload yowhataapp

  • You can download YoWhatsApp from its official site or from this site. You can’t download it from play store. in Order to  to download YOWA/YOWHATSAPP follows these steps.
  • To download this application first go to your phone setting and enable the download from unknown sources.

Now after enabling it download the WHATSAPP.

YOU can download YOWHATSAPP from your browser after searching to download it. Then download it and install it. You can also download it and install it from this suite also.

  • Now open YOWHATSAPP and register your phone number and wait for confirmation of OTP.
  • Then after confirmation of OTP your account on YOWHATSAPP is ready for use.


From the above contradiction it is clear that YOWHATSAPP is better than regular whatsapp and we can get this WhatsApp for free. YOWHATSAPP is one of the best whatsapp modes available which works same as regular whatsapp. So from my point of view you should use YOWHATSAPP instead of whatsapp. I hope this post was helpful.

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