Best iPhone Apps in 2018 That Come In Handy For Students

Best iPhone Apps in 2018 That Come In Handy For Students

Nowadays we can see the same picture in any queue, on the subway, on the benches of the park, at the tables in the cafe. Young people are sitting, staring at the screen of the phone, tablet, laptop. They are looking at something, they are answering someone. There are many apps on our phones that make our life easier and more interesting.

So, reading this article, you can get to know which popular apps for your iPhone exist. Maybe, you have to write your own article on such a topic. But since there are a lot of similar articles, you can always check essay for plagiarism without making any efforts.


9 Most Popular iPhone Apps in 2018

iPhone is the most functional phone on the market. We prepared the list concerning information about the best iPhone apps for you. This list consists of:

  • IGTV
  • Anchor
  • Procreate Pocket
  • Inventory List
  • Gemini Photos
  • Obscura 2
  • Coursera
  • HiNative
  • Memrise


A new mobile social network is from the creators of Instagram. It can publish videos lasting from 15 seconds to 60 minutes with effects and stickers. There are user publications on which you are subscribed and service recommendations in the IGTV stream. The application is fully integrated with Instagram, so you can simultaneously upload your videos to both social networks.


The anchor is the best way to record podcasts. Record your podcasts with high-quality sound, share them with your friends and gain popularity as a blogger. The Anchor episode editor will allow you to turn your podcast channel into a real professional radio show.

Procreate Pocket

A major update of this image editor has brought many new features and capabilities. 136 custom brushes, new coloring effects, PSD, TIFF, PNG formats and others.

Inventory List

It is an application for tracking things, that you want, in your home. You can add an item to the application manually, take a picture of it or scan a barcode. Inventory List will create a list of everything that you have and will prompt you where everything lies.

Gemini Photos

Gemini is a popular application for macOS, which looks for duplicate files. A version for iOS exists as well. If your iPhone bursts with photos, Gemini Photos is for you. This application uses smart algorithms to find similar images and easily clean all the same photos.

Obscura 2

A new version of one of the best apps for iPhone. There are many new functions and filters, support for RAW, HEIC and JPEG formats and easy access to photos from your gallery. This application will appeal to everyone who takes pictures on an iPhone: ordinary selfie lovers and professional photographers.

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Free video courses provided by the best universities in the world, an almost individual approach and communication with each student, certificates of graduation that you can attach to your profile in LinkedIn, in order to improve your CV and much more. The peculiarity of Coursera is that due to the huge number of listeners of each course (and sometimes it is more than 100 thousand people), the program is built in such a way that a person with almost any level of preparation can understand it.


HiNative is an interesting and rather original application for learning foreign languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and a few others. Its main difference from other similar programs is that the study is carried out through communication with native speakers. When registering in the program, you specify which language is basic for you, what languages you speak and what you would like to study. Next, you answer the questions of other users in your language and ask your questions about these or other topics in other languages.


It is a sought-after learning app, where thousands of video recordings of native speakers are collected, which will help you speak the same way as they do. In addition to memorizing the words of a foreign language, it is also possible to study the terms of mathematics, chemistry, medicine, and other sciences.


We have provided the 7 best free iPhone apps for you. Hope this will helps You Figure Out Few Things. 

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