Important Steps Before You Sell or Give Away Your Mac

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If you are thinking of selling or giving away your old Mac then you don’t have to make a mistake of selling it with the data intact. There are some additional steps that you must take before you pack it in the original box and ship it and these steps are crucial to ensure your privacy and security is take care of. It is no doubt that you Mac contain important data and information which could be misused by the person you are selling or donating your Mac.

In this article, Macbook.USA will educate you on what you should do before you sell or give away your Mac as a gift.

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1. Back up! Back up

backup data


You do not have to get shocked later after you have wiped your old Mac by finding out that all your important data and information is gone. It is critically important to back up and transfer all your important data and information in your old Mac. It is good to have more than two copies of back up so that in case one fails, you can still get your data.

There are 3 methods you can use to back up your data

  • You can back up your data by setting up Time Machine. Get a step by step here to set up Time Machine
  • You can safely transfer all your data and information to an external hard drive.
  • The third option is to back up your data to the cloud via Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive and more

2. De-authorize all Apple accounts

If you have an active iTunes, iCloud and iMessage accounts on your old Mac, you should deactivate it. Note that all your Apple accounts are registered with your personal information and the new owner of the Mac could misuse your personal information. So ensure to sign out of all these accounts before you head over to the next step.

3. Deactivate Bluetooth devices

Although this is optional it’s good to know how to do it.

  • Go to your Mac’s menu bar and select “System Preferences” then click “Bluetooth”.
  • Find the Bluetooth devices you wish to deactivate and then hit X button.
  • Confirm by clicking on “Remove”.

4. Format your Mac hard drive and reinstall macOS

Here is where you need to be careful. Many users think that by deleting files from a computer, that’s all about the files. If this is what you have been thinking, then we will let you know that this isn’t a good method of removing files from your Mac laptop. The person you are donating or selling the Mac could use some file recovery tools and still get back all your files. Those files you delete are usually stored somewhere temporarily so even if you clear your “Recycle bi” or “Trash” the files can still be recovered so it’s good to erase your Mac completely by formatting it. Find out here how o format your Mac hard drive.

5. Reinstall macOS

reinstall mac

Once you have formatted your Mac hard drive it now time to install a clean version of your Mac operating system. If you are donating it, you may decide to reinstall a clean version or not since the person you are donating it could do it, however, when selling it, it is good to reinstall a new operating system. Read here to know how to reinstall a new operating system.

If you are using a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

You need to ensure you clear your MacBook touch bar data before you sell or donate it. Get a step by step here on how to clear MacBook Pro Touch Bar data.

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6. Remember to take beautiful pictures of your old MacBook

If you are thinking of selling your MacBook on eBay or other online platforms, you need to use a professional digital camera to take beautiful pictures before you list your Mac. If you are not sure whether you can take beautiful photos, ask a professional photographer to do the picture taking for you.

That’s it if you follow these steps carefully, then you are now good to sell or give away your Mac as a gift. But don’t forget to clean the body of your Mac before you sell it

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