Why Belkin router is blinking orange and not working ?

Why Belkin router is blinking orange and not working ?

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Fix-Belkin router blinking orange

An idea of Belkin router is blinking orange is simple but there can be many more reason behind that light code.

  • it just can be ISP issue (may be internet service provider is down )
  • you might want to restart the modem then router and wait for like 1 min this Belkin router blinking orange to green.

Just follow these steps and let’s see if they work for you. restart the modem (DSL modem or ISP device) and restart the router.

If this did not fix the Belkin router we might need to perform a reset on Belkin wireless router.

Reset Belkin Router –

Look at the back of your Belkin wireless router there will be reset hole(reset key ) press that key using a pen or any other paperclip and hold it for 45 seconds now leave it and restart the router.

reset Belkin router password

After you reset the Belkin wireless router you also need to restart the modem again and this time please restart your computer also.

Now just connect everything using a cable or connect the router with modem.

At your computer, you can see a new Belkin network click on that and then connect with that Belkin network.

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It’s not fixed yet you need to open the Belkin router setup page and type

Now you can setup the Belkin wireless router as a new router.

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You change settings as you wish. now restart the Belkin router and modem and see if this will work.

Tips and Tricks-

  • after resetting your Belkin wireless router when you setup it make sure you choose the right internet connection type
  • just test your modem connection by connecting the laptop direct to the modem .
  • Update the Belkin router Firmware
Firmware Upgrade

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See if this Information Helps You.

Comment below and let us know if you need any other help .

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2 thoughts on “Why Belkin router is blinking orange and not working ?”

  1. this can be fixed in simple steps –

    1. reset the router by reset key or by setup page

    2.follow the default setting . restart the modem , router , computer

    open the default router page and try to setup the router with new password and network name

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