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How to Use Tinder without Facebook

Tinder is a dating application. Sometimes, you just don’t want to mix your dating, social life, and business profiles. You think to keep them at its place. Unfortunately, this is not possible in the case of Tinder app as you in order to run this application, you need to login or sign up with your Facebook account. When you do so, your Facebook profile gets merged with the tinder app. If the thinking of your Facebook friends regarding online dating does not affect you then, it is not a big deal for you. But, if you are concerned with the thinking of your Facebook friends then, you would surely want to use tinder without Facebook. When you log in to tinder using your Facebook profile, it affects your privacy as it accesses all your photos, contacts and other details also.

Know that you have plenty of Free dating Apps around you Not Just Tinder.

So, you may want to disconnect your Tinder app from Facebook. This article is all about it only.

How to Disconnect Tinder from Facebook

Below are the methods by which you could disconnect your Tinder account from Facebook.

Method 1 – New account

facebook new account

As we have mentioned above, the Tinder app requires Facebook for working. If you don’t want to create a fuss with your main account then, we would advise you to create a new account. We are not telling you to create a fake id but a new Facebook account having only some of your details.

Once, you create a new Facebook account then, the “about you” section could be filled by the details which you want to provide and are not shy in sharing with the other people. It could be your real address, your school, college etc. Your last name would be kept private so, you need not worry about that. Some of your pictures could be shared so that tinder could find one for using it.
After the successful creation of the Facebook account, Tinder app could be visited. Now, press the settings gear located at the top left corner. Next, click on App Settings then Logout, confirm and log out. By doing so, you will be logged out.

After that, you would need to log in with your new Facebook account which you have made. Now, the Tinder app will get linked to your new account and you could limit the information provided by you.


Method 2 –  Set up things

setup things

The other way of disconnecting Tinder app with your Facebook account is by creating new privacy settings. First, log in to your account. There, press the lock icon appearing at the top right.
After pressing the lock icon, a box having many options will get open. Then, press the “see more settings” at the bottom of the list. Then, tap on “APPS”. You’ll see a number of linked apps. Now, tap on the Tinder app and change the App visibility to “only me”. By doing so, Tinder app would not be able to post on your behalf. Your friends could also not see that you are using Tinder.

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