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5 Bullet Proof Tips to Deal with Malware

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Bullet Proof Tips to Deal with Malware

If you are a computer/laptop user, you must have dealt with the issue of a computer virus or some sort of malware. And I am sure, you didn’t have an easy experience as it is annoying, frustrating, and time-consuming. With the increase in inventions, the roots of computer virus are getting stronger day by day. These malware programs take over your browser and sometimes, your computer. If you want to get rid of malware issue as soon as possible, here are the 5 tips that will help you in the best way.

1 – Install Anti-Malware Software – If you think that antivirus/ malware software programs are of no use then you really need to try it at least once. In fact, I have seen many computers, particularly home computers which don’t have any type of anti-virus/malware protection even though this protection is a must-have. Currently, there are many great malware software available and Malwarebytes is one of them. Try Malwarebytes to get rid of malicious malware problems. Once you install the software, you won’t have to worry about slowing down computer speed, its unusual behavior, or any other malware issue.

2 – Update, Update, and Update – Installing a malware software on your computer is the first step, maintaining it is the second. Make sure to keep it updated because once the software is outdated, it doesn’t perform well which result in malware issues. Hence, if you don’t want to have any virus then never avoid updating the software.

3 – Don’t Use Open Wi-Fi – We all are so addicted to the internet, we are always on our laptop even if we are at the local coffee shop or library. If there is an option of open Wi-Fi, don’t use it. Because it’s a non-encrypted Wi-Fi which may harm your digital device. Just think about it, if you can access it without any trouble, what an expert malicious person would do?

4 – Don’t Forget To Have A Backup – The best thing you can do to secure all the important documents is to have a backup. Your data will be restored without any issue and in a short span of time. Use a backup service or simply use a hard drive to keep all your data safe and secure.

Don’t Forget To Have A Backup

5 – Scan It Regularly – This may seem like “not a big deal” but it actually is a big deal when it comes to computer’s protection. Set up your software of choice to scan the device on regular basis. It is better to run the scan once in a week. However, it is difficult to use a computer while it is being scanned. That’s why it is better to scan in during the night when you are not using it. And make sure, it doesn’t shut off automatically or go into hibernation mode otherwise no scan will occur.  

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