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Why Are Tech Startups Using Online Life Coaching?

As new young tech ventures are launching all over the world and entering the market, many investors and VC’s who are providing funding are asking their executives to bring on an online life coach who can help provide mentoring and assistance to their management.

Over the years, many of the executives have seen first hand how inexperienced these young teams are when it comes to dealing with high-pressure situations. Because of this, there has been a backlash where productivity is affected by the amount of stress these individuals take on is directly affecting their ability to perform.


In a recent post from

“Employees suffering from high-stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels than those not working under excessive pressure, according to research from professional services firm Towers Watson.

The Global Benefits Attitudes survey found that levels of workplace disengagement significantly increase when employees experience high levels of stress.  The study of 22,347 employees across 12 countries including the UK and US, revealed that over half of those employees claiming to be experiencing high-stress levels reported they were disengaged.  By contrast, only one in ten employees claiming low-stress levels reported they were disengaged and half of this group claimed to be highly engaged. The proportion of employees claiming high levels of workplace stress was 30% in the US, slightly lower than the 34% in the UK.”


I recently spoke with angel investor Dan Johnson out of Santa Monica CA (now called Silicon Beach as companies like SnapChat have set up their offices there) about this issue and here is what he said:

“When managers are trying to deal with too much from the initial launch, it can have such a negative impact on their emotional well being that it actually costs us more money to fix the problems then had we just hired an online life coach. Now I just add it to the PnL right from the get-go because it really does make a significant impact on our productivity and ability to hit our benchmarks much faster.”


So why is life to coach so powerful?

Many coaches have a vast background and experience to draw upon that is both personal and professional. Because so much of what happens at work also impacts one’s personal life, the life coach has the ability to help the employee or manager find work-life balance along with dealing with stressful situations.


Another great benefit the coach provides is by helping their client find more clarity when they may get stuck trying to solve a problem. Companies (especially startups) are filled with daily problems that can be quite overwhelming at times. Without the ability to quickly solve them, this can cause a bottleneck to stop the flow of productivity. But with a life coach available, they are there to provide the support necessary to quickly resolve the issue whether it be personal or professional which is why many startups are now insisting on having a life coach available.

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