improve router speed and signal strenght
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How To Improve Your Router’s Connection Speeds And Signal

In this day and age, pretty much everyone owns a router. After all, it is a requirement for getting connected to the Internet. Routers have undoubtedly improved over the years. Unfortunately, they’re still not perfect. They have many limitations and restrictions. For instance, the speeds delivered are often less than impressive. At the same time, […]

Reset Wireless Password in Asus Router
Asus Router Router

How to Recover, Reset Wireless Password In Asus Router ?

Hello Friends, Welcome to Understanding the Asus Wireless Router – It is all about Wireless in this whole world, maximum things we use have gone wireless nowadays, be it Wireless charging, Wireless-Fidelity Network (WiFi), Wireless connectivity of Mouse and keyboard, etc. But with the increase of this wireless part, we need to be secure […]