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Must-Have Software for Content Producers

After many years of dreaming and working towards your desires, you are now a content producer Congratulations.

You have not just mastered the art of writing, but you have also invested in the best website rank tracker, you are good to go as far as tracking how your content is doing in different search engines is concerned.

You believe that you have the best writing style, and your flow of words will wow everyone. But, did you know that there is software you can’t do without in your quest of becoming the most celebrated content producer in the market?

You don’t need to browse the internet for hours trying to get a hint of this software. They are outlined for you in the following section.

Open office

You have heard about this free application from Microsoft. If you haven’t, then you are missing a lot in your journey to success. This is a tool that allows one to create content in different forms including data visualizations, emails, written content, web presentations and many more.


The apps contained in this package are compatible with Microsoft office. What makes Open Office a great choice is that it is free. You will use it for the production of all the content you need without paying a dime. Interesting, huh?


If you want to be a success in the field of content production, then you need to be up to date with the latest trends in content marketing. Feedly is a software that brings together content creators and marketers from all over the world; thus creating a network that allows you to get tips inspiration, news, and guides from the internet.

Worried about being spammed with information? With Feedly, you need not worry. This is because it will only give you what is relevant to your needs, nothing more. All you will need to do is insert your preferred content creators, blogs, RSS feeds, and websites and then wait. What makes this fantastic tool more interesting is that it is easy to customize and navigate, making it a life companion for any newbie.


You have created content, you have done the best SEO that will make it rank high on search engines, but you have forgotten one crucial factor that attracts readership to a site – quality graphics.

Since the human mind is attracted to graphical information, it is prudent for you to create images that will complement your super-quality content.

Is there a software that does this better than Canva? The answer is NO!

It is a platform that not only allows you to express your thoughts in images but also creates a network where you can engage with other professional content producers and get ideas that will help your business scale high in no time.


Google webmaster tool

We cannot shun away from the fact that Google is a determinant search engine. If your content doesn’t rank high on Google, then you should redesign your SEO strategy.

As a content producer, Google webmaster tools will help you create a highly competitive search engine optimization.

With these tools, you will be able to track how your content is performing in Google. Well, these tools are not easy to use, but when you get a grasp of what they are about, you will sooner or later realize your dream of becoming one of the best content producers on the web.

google webmaster tool


You probably have the Evernote software on your PC or smartphone, but you are not aware of its functionality.

Organising your content as a producer is not bread and butter. There is a lot of work that goes into it, and if you decide to do it manually, you might not enjoy life as you should due to fatigue.

With the right tool that helps you create exciting and relevant content, and efficiently organize your content, you can be sure you will enjoy content creation to the last day of your life.


This what Evernote helps you achieve.

This software is free to sign up. You can use it to create content refreshingly, and also share ideas with your team members. It is worth a try.

This software and tools mentioned above will help you create relevant content that will attract traffic to the sites you work with. Although some of them present some premium features in case you need them, you will still get the best out of them in their free version. Since trends change especially in the digital error we are in today, keep a keen eye for new content creation possibilities, and adapt them for the best results.

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