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Guide to finding out the Right proxy for your online privacy

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Proxies are helpful in many ways. Proxies can act as an intermediate between the internet and your private network. However, proxies have multiple roles apart from this. They can help to accelerate website loading times, allow remote access to internal servers, filter web content, bypass restrictions, and also hide your identity while you are surfing the internet.

What is a proxy server?

proxy server

A proxy server is another computer that plays the role of a hub for sending and receiving internet requests. If you are connected to a proxy server, your computer sends your requests to the proxy server and your proxy server works on your behalf and returns the responses to you.

Why use a proxy?

With the rise of internet hackers, malware and cybercriminals, every user is concerned about security while browsing the internet. Browsing the internet with a proxy can help you to browse the web without being recognized; it will hide your IP address making it hard for hackers, cybercriminals as well as your ISP to trace your online activities.

If you connect to the internet through a proxy, your real IP address will be masked so that only the IP address of the proxy is shown. In other words, you will be assigned an IP address by your proxy service provider. This enhances your online security than connecting directly to the internet.

And there are lots of type of proxies online, Let’s find out the right proxy server which available today,

1. Web proxies

Web proxies are helpful for changing your IP address while browsing the web. These types of proxies are more portable since you don’t have to install additional software or make some computer network settings. They operate the same as search engines only that, you are required to type in a website address instead of entering a search query as it is with search engines. After you enter a website address, web proxies display web pages instead of search results. Every site you visit while browsing through web proxies does not see your real IP address but sees your web proxies IP address instead.

Web proxy features

Web proxies have different features and functionality. A good web proxy provides SSL security, for encryption of conversations between you and the proxy. The good thing about the SSL is that it will bypass censorship restrictions in states where access to certain websites is restricted.

How to choose web proxies

how to find right proxy

There are many web proxies today which make choosing the right proxy to be confusing. However, Proxify is the recommended by experts since it still leads as a service provider. Proxify has been on the market for a long time and it’s still serving up to now. Its reputation is great as it provides users the maximum protection and security they deserve while browsing the internet.

2. Anonymizing proxies

While browsing the internet, privacy is an important thing that must be guaranteed. The internet is sophisticated in search a way that every activity that is performed leaves a trail. If you don’t want to be traced by anyone while browsing the internet, anonymizing proxies will help you in that.

Anonymizing proxies works similar to other types of proxies, but they are more specifically helpful when it comes to protecting your identity while browsing the internet. If you send a request from your machine, it is forwarded to the anonymizing proxy via an SSL connection, and then anonymizing proxy masks your IP address and assigns you a new IP address. The server you are forwarding your requests to only sees the IP address but cannot know who has made the request.

Why use anonymizing proxies?

There are numerous reasons why it is good to use anonymizing proxies while online.

Protecting your identity


Anonymizing proxies work as middlemen which makes it difficult for spies to know who you are. It will send requests on your behalf which makes web servers not know who is sending the requests. In fact, only the IP address of your anonymizing proxies will be shown which makes it difficult for anyone to know who is sending the requests.

Bypass restrictions and access censored websites

There are other regions where some websites and information is restricted. You cannot access such websites. The anonymizing proxies will help you bypass such restrictions.

You can get Anonymizing proxies by searching on the internet. Proxies are available both paid and free proxies. It’s up to you to choose which one serves your needs; however, paid proxies are more reliable, faster and more secure than free proxies.

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