How to Restore Lost or Deleted Partition

How to Restore Lost or Deleted Partition

Wondering how you can recover deleted partition? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. A partition can be deleted accidentally and you don’t have to panic in case it happens to you. It’s easy to recover partition and files deleted/lost.

In this article, we will share some effective ways you can recover accidentally deleted partition without losing your files in your computer.

Note that when you accidentally delete the hard disk drive partition, avoid creating a new partition since you will overwrite the data saved on the lost partition.


Overview on Hard Disk Drive Partition

Most often users create partitions before using a storage device to save data. If you are using a Windows computer, you can create a partition in the Disk Management section of your computer settings, you can use Diskpart Command or during Windows installation.

When you accidentally delete a partition, or in case the partition gets corrupted, all the data saved might also get lost. For instance, if you want to delete partition via the Disk Management, it will give you a message “Deleting this volume will erase all the data on it. Back up the data before deleting. Do you want to continue?”

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While there is no one who would want to get a partition loss, sometimes there are numerous reasons that can lead to this situation.


What Causes Deletion/Loss of Partition?

When you accidentally delete a partition, there will be no traces of the partition in Windows Disk Management. There are various reasons that lead to loss of partition including virus attacks and operating system reinstallation among others.

The other factors that could lead to partition loss include:

  • Partition table corruption.
  • Repartitioning of the hard drive.
  • Power breakdown.
  • Hard drive bad sectors.
  • Inappropriate Diskpat commands such as the “clean” command and many others.

Why It Possible To Recover Deleted Partition

Many users are still wondering how possible it is to recover deleted partition. For your information, when you delete a partition, the partition information is removed from partition table but the disk area remains unwiped. The boot sector and the partition table are responsible for making the partition recognizable.

The partition table is meant to store information such as the type of the partition, its size, location, file system and more. In case the partition table doesn’t store all this information, it becomes hard to access the lost partition.

The volume won’t be listed in File Explorer or Disk Management. Space, where the partition was created, becomes unallocated. This shows the partition can be recovered. If you use windows data recovery software, you will be able to restore the lost partition plus the data saved in it.


How to Recover Deleted Partition Using Cmd

The first method you can use to recover deleted partition is by use of command prompt (cmd). However, this method may sometimes not get back the deleted partition.

  • Go to Disk Management to see the deleted partition.

You can get to Disk Management by right-clicking the “Computer” icon and click on “Manage”. On the Disk Management section is where all the partitions are located. If you see a disk space marked as Unallocated, then it means it is deleted.

Disk Part Image

  • Launch the Command Prompt and type Diskpart and press enter.
  • Type List Disk and press ENTER to view all the storage devices on the computer.
  • Type SELECT DISK # and press ENTER again. Note that the # will be the number of the hard drive where you want to recover the lost partition from.
  • Type ASSIGN=G and press ENTER again. G is the drive letter you decide to chose.
  • Exit the Command Prompt if you see the message “Diskpart successfully assigned the drive letter”.

Important: If you’ve never used the Command Prompt, please avoid putting any commands since some commands can delete everything.


How to Recover Deleted Partition Using Partition Recovery Software

The best and effective method to recover lost/deleted partition is by use of partition recovery software. With this method, you can recover the partition even if the computer cannot boot.
Partition recovery software will restore the deleted/lost partition and also retrieve the data from the partition whether it is corrupted or damaged.
However, it is important to choose the best software for the work. With effective partition recovery software, you can restore deleted/lost partition easily. One of the best and effective software programs to use for this task is Recoverit Data Recovery software.
Recoverit Data Recovery Software is the best partition recovery for Windows and Mac that can recover lost or deleted partition faster. Recoverit can help you restore deleted or damaged FAT, NTFS, Ext2 and 3, HFS, HFS+ disk partitions in Windows.

Why Use Recoverit?

  • It can retrieve lost/deleted files, audio, music and files from partition quickly and safely
  • It can recover data from memory card, hard drive, digital camera, and camcorders.


We hope this article will help you in case you are wondering how to recover deleted partition and the files in it.
Note that there are various reasons that can cause loss of partition and same is the methods you can use to recover deleted or lost partition.

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