How to Use Proxies with Instagram Automation Tools

How to Use Proxies with Instagram Automation Tools

You are an Instagrammer but not for fun, you use it to earn a living. You run an account that helps businesses increase their reach and make more sales. However, you are somehow finding it a challenge since Instagram is taking up most of your time.

You tend to spend all your daytime sharing and liking photos. And again, you look for people to follow you. It seems like things are getting out of your hand, but you don’t have time to look for an expert to take the burden out of you.

We have good news for you today and the news is that you can use Instagram automation tools to take the burden out of your shoulders.

Once you grab your automation tools, you rest assured of many benefits when it comes to running a profitable Instagram account without spending a lot of time, effort, and hard work to make things work as you expect them to. This means you have a partner to rely on.

But wait, it is time to sit back and enjoy yourself, but not yet. You still have one more task: To get Instagram proxies.

But why do you need proxies yet you have the tools to do the work? Well, proxies are helpful to keep you anonymous.

Note that automated tools send more requests and rapidly to Instagram servers and this might make you look suspicious to Instagram.

This is where proxies come in, to hide your activities so you don’t have to get concerned about getting restricted.

Mind you getting a ban means all your hard work goes in vain especially setting up the account and managing it.

The good thing about proxies is that they enable you to run more and one account. Many established marketers have more than one Instagram account since it’s the best way to sell different products and also target different demographics.

Note that Instagram will ban you from their platform once they notice you are running more than one account, but with proxies in place, you can run hundreds if not thousands account while remaining anonymous.


Now that you have known the reason for needing proxies plus Instagram tools, we can now share with you some tips to help you get the most out of the experience.

1. Don’t Use More Than One Automation Tool

When you came across a plethora of automation tools, you are likely to get excited. The tools can help you in many ways. You just need to get the account up and leave the hassle to the tools.

Their drawbacks are that they cannot protect you from Instagram’s penalties especially if you overuse them, no matter the type of proxies you have in place. Why? You will have many bots set up and this means you will be sending many requests to Instagram servers and the platform will get wary. So, use one bot for your Instagram account.

If you run many accounts, you are better off if you use different bots for each account. Also, set up different proxies for each bot and account you, manager, to avoid getting banned from Instagram.

2. Choose Proxies Wisely

The way you select proxies is vital and so is the picking of automation tools. The best proxies will give you the best experience ever and will work without slowing down the internet. The wrong proxies will make it hard for the bots to make it happen.

To get the most out of your proxies, you need to choose private or dedicated proxies. The good thing about private proxies is that you get your own bandwidth. Similarly, free or public proxies pack a lot of problems such as sluggish internet connection and security problems.

Some proxies are even owned by hackers who can even steal your private and confidential information.


3. Instagram Dominance is not a One Day Work

True, some bots will promise hundreds of followers in one day. This is silly. Unless you want a bot that gets you hundreds of thousands of likes of photos in a day. This is not the best way to attract targeted likes and followers.

The best way is to go slow and steadily. While bots are capable of accomplishing the job quicker than you could have done yourself, you really don’t want to finish the work in one day.


There you have it. We hope this information will help you. What we want to emphasize is that always ensure to follow Instagram rules and you will enjoy the experience with you automation tools plus proxies.

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