Phishing is a kind of social engineering attack with the help of which the phisher use to steal the data of the user along with their login credential as well as credit card numbers. In this process of Phishing, the attacker actually dupes the user to open an email, instant message or text message. When the user clicks the link or opens the message it leads to the installation of malware and then it starts revealing the sensitive information from the system. In the recent past, there has been a lot of news regarding the devastating phishing attack. Half of the phishing attacks are now seen to be hosted even on the websites that have HTTPS and SSL certificates. Hence it becomes absolutely necessary for anti-phishing service.

How to protect from a Phishing attack?

There is only one way to protect from phishing attack and that is by using the anti-phishing software. This is a kind of software which mainly attempts to determine the phishing contents which are contained in the website, e-mails as well as other forms that are usually used for accessing data and block the content so that the attacker cannot access the valuable and sensitive contents of the user. Apart from that, the software also informs the user about the possibility of phishing attack so that they can become conscious and do not open any mail or click any link that they have received from any unauthorized users.  Moreover, it is also required to understand the telltale signs that the phisher usually leaves while they try to attack. For example, when the attacker sends e-mail to you taking the name of the bank, they usually greetings you as ‘Dear Customer’ but when the bank sends you email e-mail for official correspondence they usually take your full name at the time of generic greetings. So, if you observe this kind of things remember there is a risk of a phishing attack.


Again it is seen that you get an email where the sender wants you to take quick action. For example, you may get an email where the sender claims that the mail is from your bank and may say you to reply the mail within five business days otherwise your account will be canceled. But normally no bank or any financial institute will want to lose their customer so quickly. From this type of email, you can guess that the attacker is trying to attack you with that e-mail. So, never reply such email and if you have any doubt you should go to the bank straightway and ask them whether they have sent an email or not.

From the anti-phishing software review, it is observed that most people say that apart from using the software for fighting against the phishing attack it is important to use your intelligence as well for finding out the possibility of a phishing attack. You can never get complete anti-phishing protection from the software until and unless you remain fully conscious and use your intelligence to determine phishing attack. For example, if you observe that the links are longer than its usual length or if there are @ symbol in the link or there are any spelling mistakes you must understand that there is a possibility of a phishing attack. In such case, you should not click on the link until and unless you are 100% sure that the links are sent from an authorized organization.   

With increasing phishing scams report, it has now become very essential for all the business owners to avail anti-phishing security. It is more essential for the financial institutes and banks as it is seen that 85% of a phishing attack mainly occurs in the financial organizations. Nowadays it becomes very essential that you protect your computer, network, and database with firewall and anti-virus software even if you have specialized software for fighting with a phishing attack.   

Hence if you apply a little protective measure and install all kinds of software that helps in fighting with the phishing then you can protect yourself from the phishing attack. Applying common sense and using protective measures is the only way by which you can protect from the phishing attack.