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How To Use Microsoft Office to Improve Your Business

Microsoft Office has been there for a long time and all the while their developers have been striving to make Office easier and more effective. However, since we are not all tech gurus, we might fail to identify some of the features that Microsoft has added to their latest version.


Below are some of those features that can make work smoother and consequently grow your business.


Imagine a feature that allows multiple people to edit the same document at the same time. Imagine the amount of time it could save your business. This is what co-authoring brings to the table. This new Office feature allows colleagues to edit a document from OneDrive without affecting the changes made by the other colleague. In addition, the “real-time typing” feature allows you to see changes being made by your colleagues in real time. Co-authoring is available word and PowerPoint. However, the “real-time” typing feature is only available in word.

Easy Document Sharing

Microsoft office has made sharing documents easier by placing an unmissable “share” icon on the top right of the document your working on. It is available across all Microsoft apps but you have to save the documents in OneDrive or SharePoint before you can share. The share icon gives the sharer the discretion to set share permissions and to check on the status (whether it’s has been edited or not) of the document after sharing. This is a very convenient feature as you can readily send the document to your colleagues without having to leave the app.

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This is a feature that allows you to check on previous versions of worked saved in your OneDrive or SharePoint. It’s common to find that you have deleted a portion of your work by mistake and you saved your document. This feature allows you to view previously saved files after which you can open them in an alternative window. The history section is found on the file menu. This feature is useful when you need to refer to earlier versions of your work for reference or for editing.


Smart Lookup

This is a new feature that allows you to check on the meaning of words as you type them. The feature is accessible when you right click on a highlighted word or piece of text. Results are powered by Bing and they appear at the side of your current working page. This feature saves time since you don’t have to exit the app your working on to get a definition. In addition, this feature makes it easier for you to relate two sentences or sections since definitions are readily available.

New Charts for Excel

Microsoft has added some creativity by including new charts in their excel app. Most people will admit that the old charts had become a bit boring. These new charts look as professional as the old ones but they add a new dimension to excel. New charts are also available in Word and PowerPoint. Some new charts include Treemap and Sunburst. These charts will assist you in creating more modern and professional documents.


Clutter is a new email program that has been installed in outlook. This feature allows you to rank emails according to their priority. The emails with the lowest priority are sent to the clutter section. This feature will be useful for people that work in marketing agencies for example or any businesses that receive lots of emails every day. Some of the times you find that you have missed an important email among less important ones. The clutter feature allows you to direct such lesser emails and future emails from certain senders to the clutter section.

Smart Attachments

In most businesses, most documents are sent via attachment. This has been made easier by Microsoft since you don’t have to browse for a document you’ve recently worked on so that you can send it. This Outlook feature brings up recent documents among the files that you can readily send. It is a feature that should save time since we mostly send documents that we have recently worked on.


These are all features that can make work a lot smoother. In a nutshell, they are meant to facilitate easier sharing of documents and better communication between colleagues and clients. This will definitely lead to the growth of your business.

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