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Do You Have Problem With Your Linksys Wireless Router ?

If Yes Than Let Us Tell You That We Can Guide You How To get Your Linksys Wireless Router Working Again In Easy And Quick Steps –

First Lets Find Out Why Linksys Wireless Router Is Not Connecting With Internet .

  • Linksys Router Has Lost Internet Connectivity From Modem .
  • Wireless Router Firmware Is Outdated Or Possibly Any Other Reasons That Made Your Linksys Quit Working .

Checkout Some Baby Steps First –

  • Doing a restart solves the most of the problem in wireless router .
  • Try doing the power cycle (Restart) Your Modem ,Computer,Router and see it works for your Linksys Wireless Router .

If Your linksys wireless router is Still Not Working  or giving you issue to connect with any device in home. Please Read Further –

 Fix linksys wireless router  –

1- Please Restart the linksys router and restart the modem and connect them using a cable (make sure from the internet port)

see if this works if not than go to other step.

2- Now please just reset the linksys router using the reset key at the back of your linksys wireless router .

just press the reset key using paper-clip or Pen and Hold for like 30-45 seconds  and than let it go .

You must reboot the router and modem After Reset Of Linksys Router  .

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3- now you can see a unsecured linksys wireless network in the network list of your computer and please try to connect with it.

4- Please type on the top of browser (URL)of your computer.

now please setup the router like a new wireless  router

go to  wireless security tab and  setup SSID and PASSWORD for your router.

and after setup restart all the devices (modem and router and computer )

it should work if linksys is still not working try contacting with ISP.

see if that works  and solves the problem in router . let me know if you need any other help .


Troubleshooting  For Linksys Router –

1-Please do not reset linksys WiFi router again and again it May Cause Hardware problems in Router .

2. While setting the linksys wireless router 2nd time please do not use same SSID (NETWORK Name) and Password (WIRELESS PASSWORD).

this seems to help a lot (personal experience )

3. Please do not reset the Modem in any case that will not help to solve this problem .

We Hope This Will Help You To Fix linksys wireless router .

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