Although leaders from one department to another have distinct characteristics in performing their job and meeting the expectations of their clients and company, there are common traits that they should possess in order to perform the job well. 

being a leader doesn’t only mean excelling at technical skills, but also with soft skills that will enable you to connect and understand your team well. Here are some of the effective leadership skills that you may practice to become more competent at your work.


Being aware of yourself means knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it signifies on how well you know your full extent and capability to lead a team on a long-term basis. Developing self-awareness would also mean knowing your stress triggers or when to ask for help. 

There are times that just because we are the leaders, we find it hard to seek assistance as we have this perception that more than anyone else, it should be you who’d be the last person who should ask for help. But a leader who knows his capabilities and has an open mind, wouldn’t mind asking an intern or his junior for assistance.


The ability to influence while conveying your company’s vision, goals and objectives can lead to a strengthened commitment of your team. You can expect that desired outcomes will be met if you’re able to present logical and compelling reasoning towards your people.


Being effective as a leader doesn’t mean taking on too many tasks to the point that you struggle finishing it while your team is waiting for something to get their hands on. This type of leader is often perceived to have a fear that putting a task onto somebody else’s hand is a sign of weakness or complete distrust in the capability of his members.


To become a leader means developing the skills in allocating tasks to employees based on their skills and job responsibilities. You should identify what are the things to be prioritized and enforce teamwork within your team. 


Every leadership training and guides would tell you that communication is the key to unlocking the capabilities of your team that will eventually lead to palpable outputs and deliverables. One program is a graduate certification in leadership from Deakin, it will help you hone your communication skills and expand your experience that is essential in advancing in your career. It is through communication that you’d be able to create a participative environment and inspire team members to do their best at their distinct functions. 


Always write clearly, speak with clarity and practice good listening to expand your knowledge on the perceptions and ideas your team has to share. Maybe the next big thing lies in your member who’ve always been timid and shy.


A team will only trust a leader who has integrity and shows respect to everyone. A leader who’s always open and honest can easily gain the trust of his or her members. Some of the qualities of a leader that employees are able to get along with are: consistent, credible, reliable and has the capability of owning up to his mistakes. 

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Another skill a leader should have is the ability to stay true to his words. Commitment even in small tasks can inspire your team to do the same thing as well.  A leader who has the determination, passion, and perseverance to get things done can spark good work ethics within his team.


The ability of a leader to learn new skills, respond to issues with calmness, adaptability, and openness to criticism is necessary for it will impose upon the team that whatever it is that they may go through, you’ll be able to guide them to the right path.