5 Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe For Your Employees

5 Tips to Keep Your Workplace Safe For Your Employees

Are you looking for practical ways to bring more safety and productivity to your company? While OHS standards are already lucid and known by most organizations across the globe, it is important that you do your own search to keep your loyal staff safe from potential hazards at work. Your workplace safety endeavors should not only be focused on meeting standards entirely, in fact, they should also be a reflection of your mission to boost productivity at work while promoting safety measures. Consider the following tips to improve employee’s security.

1.Plan For Mitigation Strategies & Disaster Management

In the event of a climatic hazard like an earthquake or a storm, you fret what you should do and how to keep your business activities sustained for future operations. To avoid any negative impact on your staff’s work performance and your business growth, draft a clear disaster relief plan carefully. Define the types of casualties that could possibly occur. These could include climatic, operational, employee-related and environmental. Devise mitigation procedures with clearly defined corrective actions and emergency response. Review these with an OHS expert to make sure you have got all risks addressed.

2. Backups & Emergency Response

Have your employees trained for emergencies, so they have an understanding of the actions they should take during a catastrophe or a hazardous event. Your emergency response plan should clearly highlight the backup place to shift to during an emergency, the ways to handle operations, shifting procedures, data management strategies and the personnel responsible for heading the emergency response situation. You should also keep all system backups including your applications, data repositories, employee files, official records, at a safe location where employees can easily access them without hassle.

3. Use Of Technology & Climate Forecast Apps

A smart way for businesses to use technology effectively and implement it at work for employee safety is to install earth network applications such as a lightning alert system, storm detection sensors and industrial weather stations specific to your functional niche. These applications are mandatory and very effective in providing useful insights into possible climatic hazards. Have these monitoring systems installed, so you can quickly respond to such hazards and keep your staff safe.

4. Use Ergonomic Equipment & Office Furniture

Daily operations and work procedures at the workplace can take a toll on your employee’s health. They may put them at risk of getting back pain, sore muscles, stiff joints, bad eyesight, and limb pain. These can get worse with time, especially if your employees use unsafe equipment for too long. Always buy ergonomic friendly chairs with adjustable back supports and tables spacious enough to offer a comfortable working area.

5. Ask Your Employees To Report Unsafe Situations

Aside from installing a simple fire extinguisher and an emergency alarm, keeping a first aid kit or an on-site medical expert for your staff, a great way to infuse more safety at the workplace is to encourage your staff to be open about unsafe equipment, work procedures, and scenarios. They should report such matters immediately, so you can take prompt action and come up with corrective actions to avoid any injuries.

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