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5 Ways to Improve Workstation Ergonomics

To ensure a productive and healthy workforce, you must maintain good ergonomics. In this post, you will learn 5 ways to enhance workstation ergonomics.

It is no doubt that a safe and healthy workstation leads to productive staffs. All companies, businesses, and organizations, small medium or large must put more effort to create ergonomically sound workstations for their employees. Note that the environment in a workstation can significantly affect the productivity of employees and their health. In fact, low productivity and physical injury are associated with poor workstation ergonomics and this can hurt your business to a large extent.

However, even if a business or a company will design an ergonomic workstation, employees also should make sure they are practicing good ergonomics in their places of work. Even if you have the best chair, desk or equipment, you will still get physically injured if you don’t use it appropriately.

Ergonomics is all about practicing good body posture to avoid possible strains and physical injuries.

Read our tips below to know how to improve workstation ergonomics.

1. Sitting on adjustable chairs and desks

Companies, businesses, and organizations need to encourage the right posture and neutral body position by buying good quality and adjustable chairs, tables and working equipment. An adjustable chair or desk makes it easy to tailor by the person sitting on it.

The height and shape of desks and chairs can also make employees more comfortable or uncomfortable. Therefore employers should put adjustable chairs in the workstations and employees should ensure to sit on chairs with seat pans that look slightly downwards to relieve pressure on the spine.

adjustable chair and table

2. Neutral working posture

In whatever workstation employees are working on, it is good to establish a good working posture. This is a top priority when it comes to workstation ergonomics. Employees must be able to stand and sit in a good posture where they are relaxed and does not require stressful angles when it comes to completing work.

Employees should ensure their hands; forearms and wrists are straight while seated. The head should be facing forward without needing to turn left or right when completing tasks. Jason L of the, your office furniture mate states that “the purpose of ergonomics is to minimize body stress on workers, so as to lessen the rates of work-related ailments and injury”.

Workers are also advised to stand at the workstation after some period of working since this is also ergonomically sound.

3. Appropriate display height and distance

Computer monitors and other display media should be on the same level as the height of the worker. When workers are made to strain or squint their eyes when working in front of a computer they are more likely to feel uncomfortable. In fact, ergonomically, it is not good for a people to turn their neck either to the right, left or down to view something on a display.

all things on same level

4. Workspace

Workstations need to have adequate space at all times. However, this can be hard to achieve especially at this age where companies and businesses are working on rental spaces that are costly. Note that workspace can also be maximized by using small working equipment especially if the workspace is small. If possible, buy furniture that can be customized so that it can fit well in the workstation.

5. Workplace setting

The work environment is another overlooked factor when it comes to matters of ergonomics. A well ventilated office that is convenient and with proper humidity is significant for ergonomics.

Lighting should not cause shimmer on computer monitors and so it is crucial to have software light systems in a workstation. Note that the light you use to read printed materials is not suitable when it comes to computer displays. Also, it is crucial to avoid colder temperatures to prevent MSD injuries at workplaces. Temperatures should not go too high or too low


Final words

Ergonomics is something that is often ignored when talking about the health hazards that can be encountered in the workplace. This is because body injuries resulting from poor ergonomics are not seen as compared to those from falls or hazardous chemicals. It is good to ensure workstation ergonomics is improved at all time.

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