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How to get hired as a web developer

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How to get hired as a web developer

You have a great job and the pay is awesome, but your passion lies in web development. Soon, an opportunity comes your way and you take the bull by the horns and apply for the new job. As it is the case with any other job applications, one must undergo a rigorous interview that may entail technical interviews. Technical interviews have their own challengers and they may be more profound, but you should not worry. In this piece, you will find viable information that will enable you to get prepared for that interview. You will learn the tactics necessary for getting a high score during the interview.


Getting ready

Always keep in mind that having a great resume is a must. You can use a web development resume template to refine your own resume. Take enough time and tailor your resume to perfection. Add all your relevant qualifications and achievements that will increase your chances for qualifying for the interview. For most people, getting ready for a job interview seems easy, and this is true in theory but not in real life.

Make sure that your resume is up to date and that it follows the correct format. Read through with a careful eye looking and scanning for potential errors such as grammatical errors, correct them promptly. Also, ensure your contact and educational details are accurate and correct.


Here are tips to help you craft your resume.

You can request a seasoned web developer who has experience in the hiring process and how it works. Let him/she tell you about critical information regarding your resume on what you should add and omit. In the long run, this will trim your resume to only have what is relevant.

Keep in mind that as the human resource guys go through resumes they are looking for what strengths an individual has to offer to their firm. In the same spirit, they are also keen to find any red flags that will disqualify your resume. Avoid unnecessary information or too little information, give just what is enough. Do not include things you did while following tutorials and instructions

craft your resume


Build networks

Take time and get to know other web developers working at various firms and companies. This will enable you to build rapport. By doing this, you will access important information regarding various companies and firms, like when and if they are hiring.

Networks can get you to place you did not expect. A web developer who you got to know can recommend you to his/her manager. Even better, you may be introduced to the manager, you may just land your dream job. If you are familiar to the company or firm, your application will always have an advantage over the rest. And even if it is not up to the standard required, you may just get lucky.


Always get ready for the potential questions

You may be required to explain technical terms regarding web development. These include topics such as databases and applications, HTTP and MVC architecture. Make sure that you have a solid grip on knowledge regarding some of these technical terms so that you do not end up fumbling.

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The interview itself

Make sure you are familiar with the company’s thoughts and ideas on why they are hiring. When firms and companies advertise for a job it is because the volume of work has greatly increased, and the current staff is having problems meeting goals. Therefore, when you enter the room, everyone on the panel looks forward to hiring you. For this reason, you must be ready psychologically, make sure you are dressed in a decent way, first impressions matter a lot.

Be confident when the questions are asked and answer them precisely, remember to always give what is most necessary. Maintain an upright posture and eye contact with the panel this will help you look attentive. Another point is to always maintain your composure.


The final step

Before exiting the room, ask relevant and important questions regarding the company/firm. These questions may include:


  • “How am I going to be assigned tasks in case am employed?”
  • “For code evaluation, does the team use Test Driven Development?”


After leaving wait for the company’s response.

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