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Today We Are Going to Share Some Alternatives To Google Play Store. Its Been Long Since Anybody has Marked a dent in Googles Territory Of app Download. With the Majority Of Android Users Using Play Store For App Download Google Play Store has Been King of App Downloads.

But What to Do Technology Has No Feeling Or Mercy for King Or Soldier So Its Time Google Has Been Challenged With Some of the Great Apps Who Provide All in One Facility.

Let’s Take 5 Examples First Hand-


Topping this list is the world famous third-party app market for Android, 9Apps. It was launched in 2013 by Alibaba Group as an alternative to Google Play Store. 9Apps has been in vogue ever since. There are so many reasons why it is regarded as the best Android app market today. First of all, the 9Apps app is very small in size and secondly, each and every app or game that it has is for absolutely free. Even the premium apps and games (paid ones) that are supposed to be bought on Google Play are available for free on 9Apps. You can download 9Apps APK file online for free.

It has a huge collection of apps, games, ringtones and even wallpapers (all for absolutely free). There is no need to enter your personal information like – credit card details, bank account information, mobile number or even address. In fact, there is no need to register on 9Apps in order to use it. All you have to do is to simply download and install the 9Apps APK file on your Android device and you are good to go. 9Apps is the best Android app that lets you download apps and games for free. Each and every APK that is available on 9Apps is safe to use and free from malicious agents. Download it today for free from



Yet another popular app market for Android that has earned quite a name for itself is TutuApp. Just like 9Apps, TutuApp too is a third-party Android app market that lets you download free Android apps and games on your device. TutuApp is a light app that contains each and every freeware as well as premium app and game for Android. There are so many apps and games all over the web, and TutuApp uses the best and the finest of them all and makes it available for free download. You can download the TutuApp APK online for free.

Each and every game or app that it provides is absolutely free of cost and safe as well. There are no viruses or harmful agents here that may harm your device. The interface is light and smooth and it does not cause your device to lag or to crash (which Google Play Store causes many times). With TutuApp, there is no need to look for any other alternatives to Google Play Store as this single app is enough to meet with all your Android app and game needs. Download it today for free.


F-Droid is a popular Android market that has a lot of apps and games. Just like TutuApp and 9Apps, you can download each and every single one of them for free here, at F-Droid. It is best known to provide FOSS content. FOSS stands for Free and Open Source Software and such software are best for budding Android developers and app designers. You can find each and every game or application in F-Droid. There are over a million games and over 5 million apps featured here. These include the free ones as well as the premium (paid) ones.

F-Droid’s interface is smooth and easy to understand. There is no bloatware here and it also does not require much RAM in order to run. Even if you have a single core device with as less as 1 GB of RAM, you can still run F-Droid easily (with Android

4.0.1 or above). Download the F-Droid app today in order to download all the latest and the trending Android apps/games for free.

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 Mobogenie Market-

Mobogenie Market is a popular Android app market that must be familiar to a lot of Android users out there. Just like every app market on this list, Mobogenie Market too is an app and game store that lets you download either (or both) of the two for free. Even the premium ones can be downloaded on your device for free using Mobogenie Market. Be it games like Need for Speed or Grand Theft Auto, you can download them (including the data file) for absolutely free using Mobogenie Market.

Download Mobogenie Market today in order to download millions of great apps and games for free!


Yet another popular application store for Android is Mobile9. It boasts of over a hundred million apps and games that can be downloaded very easily. All you need to do is to download and install the Mobile9 APK on your Android powered device and after that, you can download millions of games and applications for free. Yes, just like TutuApp and 9Apps, you can download games and apps for free using 9Apps. There are no viruses or other harmful items in this market. It is solely a popular third-party application store that has a lot of items that can be downloaded for free!

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