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Three Gadget And Electronic Stores On Sale

The ExchangeMarketplace is quite a helpful way to find the perfect range of electronic stores. It provides a safe way for you to buy any business that is on sale and ensures that you have a smooth experience. The following businesses sell different electronic products and have carved their own place. They are still on sale so if you are interested in buying any of them, it is a good idea to do so right away before someone else does!

Spy Gear Pro

Spy Gear Pro is doing well and is one of the electronic stores that can scale better. The seller has added a paid theme and a lot of research has been done for the products that are listed on the website. SEO friendly blog has been created for better traffic and the website has all the important information regarding the sale and after-sale queries.

Homepage of Spy Gear Pro

The store has generated total revenue of over $ 3,000. You can improve the store by using remarketing strategies, investing in ads, and using promotions on social media. You only need about 2 hours per week to run this store with success which is great for someone who does not want to spend too much time running a store. It requires little maintenance as well which is fantastic for anyone who does not have a lot of time to dedicate to the store.

Statistics showing performance of Spy Gear Pro

Spy Gear Pro is on sale for $15,000 on ExchangeMarketplace. You get personal support from the seller where the seller will teach you about how to ship to North America. The seller will help you get in touch with manufacturers and suppliers of security products so that you can add more products. Apart from these when you buy the business you get the product photos, branding assets, domain, logo assets, and social media where there are 25 subscribers so far in Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook combined.

Wearable Tech Devices

Wearable Tech Devices is another one of the electronic stores that are doing fantastic as a business. It sells technological products that are wearable at an affordable cost to the customers. The seller tested campaigns and ran ads to see what worked.

Homepage of Wearable Tech Devices

Homepage of Wearable Tech Devices.

Wearable Tech Devices business has generated total revenue of more than $18,000. The seller has advised using various marketing strategies for increasing revenue and profits. Adding a video for each of the product featured can help potential customers understand the use of the product which can help grow the business as the sales will increase. You can focus on running various ads on social media which can help with increasing sales. Adding more products is beneficial too.

Statistics showing performance of Wearable Tech Devices

Wearable Tech Devices is on sale for $7,500. When you buy the business, you get the domain, the entire suppliers list, social media followers, logo and branding assets, mailing list, and product photos. In addition, you will receive personal support from the seller directly so that you can get the training you require to understand the business. If you do not have previous experience in running a store then this can be a huge learning experience for you.

The Broh Shop

The Broh Shop is one of the most successful electronic stores on sale on ExchangeMarketplace. The seller has added and tested products that are featured on the online store. Social media accounts were created and there was work done on the advertising aspects to increase traffic to the website. The store has a lot of potential as new products can be easily added and optimization can be done.

Homepage of The Broh Shop.

The Broh Shop has generated total revenue of more than $34,500. You can utilize Google Adwords and then work on targeted ads through Facebook. Another way to increase the profits is by promoting the products that are being sold as these will increase traffic which will increase sales. Additionally, you can run ads on Instagram and improve the SEO aspect to increase profits. You are required to spend about 20 hours per week to ensure that the business runs smoothly.

Statistics showing performance of The Broh Shop

The Broh Shop is on sale for $4,999. When you buy the business, you get the mailing list which has over 1,500 subscribers and social media that has 100 subscribers on Instagram and Facebook combined together. You get the branding and logo assets and the domain of the business as well. You will be able to speak directly to the seller and you will get personal support for up to 4 weeks. If you have any doubts or questions, you can get them answered at that period.

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