(Last Updated On: November 27, 2019)

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Do You Have Your Browser Saying Privacy Error Or Your Connection Is Not Private? 

You Can Have This Problem In Any Browser Like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer Or Microsoft Edge etc.

your connection is not private

We Will Guide You All The Steps To fix This Privacy Error in Your System.

There Are Many Things That Can Cause This Browser Problem. Like Proxy Settings, Outdated Antivirus, Incorrect Time and Date Etc.

Before We Continue Let’s Just Keep Few Things In Mind

  • Sometimes This Problem Is Only With One Particular Browser.
  • It Can Be A Particular Website That May Have This Problem Try Other Websites Too.

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Now Let’s Go And Fix This Problem –

Correct The Date And Time –

Please Check Your Computer Date And Time. Make Sure It’s Accurate According To Your Time Zone.

Restart Your Computer And See If This Helps to Fix Your Issue

Update Your Antivirus –

When Your Antivirus Program Gets Outdated And You Have An Update Available Your Computer May Start Acting Slow And Weird.

An Outdated Or Expired Antivirus Can Cause This Problem Please Update Your Antivirus Program Or Remove The Expired Antivirus Program.

Restart Your Computer And Open The Browser Try Going On The Web And See If This Helps To fix Privacy Error.

keep uptodate your antivirus

Reset Proxy Settings –

Go to Settings Under Your Browser and Select Advanced Settings And Look For Proxy Settings Then Reset The Settings To Its Default and restart The Browser.

You Can Also Reset Your Browser In Case If That Did Not Help. Restart Your Machine.

Understanding SSL Certificate Error –

Dear Friends Sometimes You Are Trying To Access The Website That Has An Expired Or Damaged SSL Certificate.

Please Ignore This Error If It’s Very Important For You To Visit That Website.

Few Extra Tips : –
=> Update Your Wireless Router And operating system to Latest Version.
=> Clean Your Computer Using Smart Tips Visit Top 10 Tricks (Quick And Smart steps) to Speedup your Windows Computer
=> Remove All Junks And Unwanted Cookies And Temp Files.
=> After All, This If Your Problem Did Not Fix Then Boot Your Computer In Safe Mode. Visit Boot Windows Computer in Save Mode
=> Restore Your Computer to Back Date and Get This Issue Fixed.
=> In Order to Restore Your Computer to Back Date When It Was Fine Visit How to Restore Windows Computer

See If All This Helps You to Fix Your Privacy Error.

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