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Do You Have Your Browser Saying Privacy Error Or Your Connection Is Not Private . 

You Can Have This Problem In  Any Browser Like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Internet Explorer Or Microsoft Edge etc .









We Will Guide You All The Steps To fix This Privacy Error in Your System.

There Are Many Things That Can Cause This Browser Problem . Like Proxy Settings , Outdated Antivirus , Incorrect Time and Date Etc .

Before We Continue Lets Just Keep Few Things In Mind

  • Sometime This Problem Is Only With One Particular Browser .
  • It Can Be A Particular Website That May Have This Problem Try Other Websites Too .

Read More About computer Error There is a problem with  this website & security certificate . what this means ?

Now Lets Go And Fix This Problem –

Correct The Date And Time –

Please Check Your Computer Date And Time . Make Sure Its Accurate According To Your Time Zone .

Restart Your Computer And See If This Helps to Fix Your Issue

Update Your Antivirus –

When Your Antivirus Program Gets Outdated And You Have An Update Available Your Computer May Start Acting Slow And Weird .

An Outdated Or Expired Antivirus Can Cause This Problem Please Update Your Antivirus Program Or Remove The Expired Antivirus Program .

Restart Your Computer And Open The Browser Try Going On Web And See If This Helps To fix Privacy Error .

Reset Proxy Settings –

Go to Settings Under Your Browser and Select Advanced Settings And Look For Proxy Settings Than Reset The Settings To Its Default and restart The Browser .

You Can Also Reset Your Browser In Case If That Did Not Help . Restart Your Machine .

Understanding SSL Certificate Error –

Dear Friends Sometime You Are Trying To Access The Website That Has An Expired Or Damaged SSL Certificate .

Please Ignore This Error If Its Very Important For You To Visit That Website .

Few Extra Tips –

See If All This Helps You to Fix Your Privacy Error .

Please Comment Below And Let Us Know If You Need Any Other Help .

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