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First of all understand the causes why Error 8504 or Error 104 Comes in existence:-

  • By 3rd party security product.
  • While Upgrading Norton Product.
  • Norton Installation gets failed.
Fix Norton Installation Error 8504, Or Error 104

Don’t Worry Guys We Can Help You With This Norton antivirus Problem.

Understanding Norton Error 8504, 104-

Guys This Error Comes Mostly When You Have Any Issue With Your Installation Package or upgrading Norton or Due to another security product.

A Lot Of People Will Suggest You Uninstall The Norton And than Download And Setup the Norton Antivirus Again.

This Method Works For Few People But Many Other Could Not Fix The Problem.

Almost Everybody Is saying Or Writing the same thing Which is Helpful But Not 100 %  But We Just Did Not Gave Up –

We Have Done Our Own research And Came to Know that It is Simple to fix This Norton Error 8504 and Error 104.

Common Mistake Done By Norton Users –

  • Installing Incorrect Version Of Norton Antivirus Protection.

EXAMPLE – Let’s Say You Have Bought Norton Antivirus And By Mistake, You Are Trying To download And Install Norton 360 Premier.

Subscription Problem With Norton-

Folks If You  Have Multiple Device Subscription Then You Must Download The Norton Antivirus to New Device From Your Norton Account.

Doing This Will Make That Slot Open For Any Other Device To Be Installed As a Replacement For Your New Device.

Just Follow this Guide And Fix This Problem –

Fix Norton Error 8504, 104 –

  1. Resume or Restart the computer:

Restarting the computer may solve the conflict generated by 3rd party antivirus product. All though this is not a permanent fix.

  • Exit All the program
  • Choose the power icon button appears at the corner of your windows
  • Click the icon and select the option “Restart”.

In case your problem still exhist then read next step.

2. Use Norton Removal Tool and Reinstall

  • Uninstall The Old Norton Antivirus From Your Computer Using The Norton Removal Tool Follow Remove norton.
  • Restart Your Computer After Removing Norton Product.
  • Now Verify Your Antivirus Version And Setup Norton Antivirus Again.

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3. Uninstall 3rd party Security Product

  • Type Control panel in the search box on Taskbar.
  • Search for program and features.
  • Scroll down the cursor in search of 3rd party installed antivirus product.
  • Once found press right click on it.
  • Here you will found two options “Uninstall” or “Change”.
  • Select Uninstall and then follow on screen options.

Setup Norton Antivirus Protection-

Product key of norton
  • You Can Also Login To Your Norton Account And Download The Latest Version Of Norton Antivirus .
  • Follow The Instruction And Setup Norton Antivirus .
  • Norton Has Given A Support article Related To This Topic Please Read Here Norton Article

Dear Friends, We Hope This May Help You Fix Norton Error 8504 And 104 .

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