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Today We Will Guide You to Fix Norton antivirus Problems Related With Norton Updates, Follow All Steps Carefully And Fix Norton Update Issues. First, let’s understand why we Need Antivirus Protection.

Need Of Norton Antivirus –

Friends, Antivirus is one of the essential components of Windows, it’s not that Windows Or Mac is highly vulnerable to Viruses, but the use for which a Windows PC Or Mac Computer is used.

We use the PC, to download media from different websites, to download some software, etc. And in this process we can get some malware, viruses, to affect our PC. Moreover, we also connect around at least 4 – 5 different USB devices on our PC, and if it contains a virus, then our PC is going to be affected by the same. Now to protect us from that we have Antivirus, and one of the best Antiviruses out there is Norton.

Fix Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update-

Norton Antivirus is a  good antivirus for many, but sometimes even Rolls Royce needs servicing, and the same goes for Norton Antivirus too, Norton keeps on releasing updates of the Antivirus, and we need to update them on our PC to keep our PC protected via the latest virus.

Norton usually updates its software and database of viruses regularly. But what if your Antivirus is stuck on an Update and you are not able to update your antivirus which might lead to your PC getting affected in the future.

Basic Troubleshooting And Fix For Norton Update Issue –

Follow the Steps One By One And See if this Helps you to Solve the Problem.

1- Try Disabling The Windows Firewall 

Let us start with the most common problem, it’s the Windows Firewall which many times affect the update process by preventing Norton Antivirus to download the files which are necessary for the updates and in turn leaving the Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update. To correct this one you need to open “System and Security” in the control panel, or you can find it at the start, then follow –
Windows Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall On or Off > then Turn off Windows Firewall.
Norton Antivirus comes with its Firewall, and Windows Firewall and Norton Firewall interface making the Norton Antivirus stuck on an update.

Turn off your windows firewall

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2- Free The Space On Hard drive 

Sometimes Norton Antivirus try to download some files which are big, but you don’t have enough space on your computer which leads to Norton Antivirus Stuck on Update. To solve this it is pretty simple, you just have to delete some of the unused files kept on the system, or back up some of the files over the cloud or can run on your portable hard drive.

Clean Hard disk

Tips : – Folks, Many times some issue during the boot-up might lead to Norton Antivirus to be Stuck on Update which makes us nervous so the best option to do is to Turn off the PC and power on it again and leave the Norton Antivirus to update.

Remove And Install Norton Antivirus –

Sometimes all these problems cannot make us resolve the issue then the best way we can do is to continue to www.norton.com/setup and download the latest available software and install it over the previous software installed on your PC. This will not be an issue until you have your Product Key backed up in your safe.

For Norton Setup And Installation Visit: how to set up Norton antivirus

Few More Tips To Solve This Issue : –
=> Always Keep your  O.S Updated And Check Norton Licence And Subscription.
=> Check Date And Time of your Machine.
=> Install The Correct Version of Norton Antivirus protection.


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