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Is Your Netgear Router is not working ?  Does It Says Connected But Still won’t let you browser the Internet ?

All Light Are Blinking but No Internet Or Wireless Connection On Your Netgear Router ? Do You have Any of these Problems With Netgear Wireless Router ?

Don’t Worry We got the Solution to Troubleshoot and Fix Netgear Router Internet Problems .

Lets Get Started And Fix This problem  –






Power Cycle To Netgear Router And Modem –

Doing a Proper Restart Or Power Cycle of your Router and modem it Essential . Restart Your Modem First Wait for One minutes And than Restart Your Router .

Now Restart Your computer and all other devices at your home Like phone , kindle , tablet etc.

Check Your Modem and router Light . See if your internet light is on and working . Try Connecting with internet using your Computer .

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Reset Netgear Router To Default Settings –

Once Power Cycling Won’t Work For You Than  Reset Your Netgear Wireless router . Please Follow These steps to reset and Reconfigure Netgear Router .

  • Take a Pen Or paperclip And Look at the back of your router . Carefully press the reset Key and hold for 30 seconds .
  • While holding the reset key You May See all light blinking Together on netgear router That Means its being reset .
  • Please Restart Your Netgear Router and modem again .
  • After Reset Please Try Setting up your netgear router Like a brand New router .


Setup And Configure Netgear Wireless Router –

  • Just Connect Netgear Router With Modem With Ethernet Cable to The WAN Port .
  • Connect Your Computer Or Phone to Netgear Network Using Wire Or Wireless .
  • Open Your Internet browser and type or As Default Gateway .
  • You Can Also Try Opening  www.routerlogin.com or www.routerlogin.net
  • Now Follow the Instruction to setup Your Netgear Router .

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For More Help And Support Checkout Some information From Netgear .

Read https://kb.netgear.com/1098/I-cannot-access-the-Internet-with-my-NETGEAR-router

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