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Encryption is a terminology that is known for reliable security. It is a phenomenon that prevents any sorts of data leaks from all directions. Encryption involves the process of encoding some information or a message in a way that can only be accessed by respective authorized users. The AES 256-bit-encryption has been used by much topmost software(s) that helps its users gain maximum security.

How it works?

To get a better understanding, know that encryption is basically ‘the translation of data into a secret code’. So far it is considered as the most effective means of protecting your data. All of this is possible with the help of a password. When you encrypt your files, you set a password for it to re-access those files later. In short encrypting is when you lock and decrypting is when you try to re-access your secured data including files, photos, videos, audios, documents, and more. Furthermore, once the data gets encrypted, it gets referred by ‘plain text’.
encryption and decrpt

AES 256-bit-encryption:

Now comes the question whether such option is reliable or not. So far it has been a known security terminology and hasn’t had much of a competition. The creators themselves have claimed that their encryption is beyond anyone’s ability to crack or hack. They further explain if all the systems in the world are combined (such as PCs, laptops, gadgets etc.) to break the AES encryption, such an attempt would be a complete failure. Not only this, even if someone keeps trying for the rest of their life (even take up to 13.7 billion which is basically the age of the earth would generate no success. This is where you may find peace knowing it ain’t no ordinary security boundary.

AES 256-bit-encryption:
However, encryption is still considered as a term a bit drastic or tough to understand/use. For a not-so-tech-savvy user, encryption might not be easy to implement but if one understands the benefits on the other side, one would surely start using it.
But even if you’ve no time to understand how it works, try getting a software that works for you in terms of dealing with encryption and decryption process. A software known as Folder Lock uses AES-256-bit-encryption where you need not to encrypt or decrypt files when accessing! Simply copy them to the locker and that’s all, your data is encrypted on-the-fly which means your data is processed and loaded in the memory and not in the hard disk of the computer. This feature makes sure your data stays irrecoverable from your disk drive. Moreover, Folder Lock helps you to create a secure backup in a secure backup account.

Folder Lock from newsoftwares.net lets you create and use encrypted file lockers. These lockers are quite reliable, efficient, safe and convenient. Not only this, but Folder Lock also provides you ‘file locking’ feature. This feature simply lets you lock files and folders but this is different from the ‘encryption feature’. In addition, it has other features like secure backup, USB protection, file shredder, password wallets, and other useful features.