How to Deal With Android Problems

Actually, we face lots of problems when start using things same like the android, so as it actually happens to the best of US breaking the cellular phones and with the mobile sets as becoming more and highly valuable. It is the way as parts are also necessary to solve the Android problems and due to the higher functions and capabilities of the phone to increase them and improve them.

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Solve Crashing Google Play Store

If you got Google to play crashes right after launching it and then it might have a corrupt cache. It is, in fact, several times simply wiping its cache fix the lots of problems and difficulties. Go to the

Settings, Apps and swipe right to locate the “all “and tab and locate the Google Play Store and Wipe cache and data and then restart the phone. The problem will be sorted out.

google play store stopped

Insufficient Space on Android

The quickest way to get free space is to start the uninstalling apps and then if you use the music apps as spottily might not be able to get where the files are being as stored on it. Another fast way is to get free of space and then is to use the app as CCleaner and use it to manage the extra burden of files there.

insufficient storage

If Google Play Store Not Downloading Files

It is fact some of the times Google Play store refuse to install the applications and there are two types of popular fixing this situation. First is to wipe Google Play’s cache and second is to erase the Google history completely and will be a good thing for you.

  1. Open setting, find apps location and swipe right to locate all tab and wipe cache and data and then restart the phone it will be fine completely.
  2. Open Google Play Store goes to the settings, select the options there clear the history.

How to have back Google Play Store

Due to different and unnecessary reasons, it is harmful to us to get vanished the Google play store and it will be good for us to get back in normal condition. If you can not uninstall the Play store without root access and most users think they have deleted Google Play.

enable google play store

Go to the setting, click on apps and swipe right and locate the disable tab so then locate the Google Play Store and it will be re-enabled as tapping on the icon.

Solution If System UI Not Working

Fact is that some of the time’s system user actually interfaces UI and can also stop working and then as restarting the device actually not got the problem fixes and suggest as wiping the system UI and to wipe the complete cache.

Open the setting on your Android, go to apps and swipe left at all tab and select again system UI so then wipe the cache and restart the device again will be normal.

Solve Downloads Not Working

Mostly our download connection got fails and android actually includes a dedicated download manager and its cache and then can become a corrupted item. So then it can be harmful it will also cause a problem and then wipe the cache there.

download issue resolve

Find out setting, tap on apps and swipe the right to all option and select the Download manager option there and then wipes the cache and restart the device easily.

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