Computer Error “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate”?

Here are some steps –

Make sure that your date and time is correct.

How To Solve this Error “Problem With Website Security Certificate”.

Step 1- Correct Date And Time

  • Select “Start” and type “Time“.
  • Select the “Date and Time” option.
  • If the date or time is incorrect, select “Change date and time…” to change it.
  • If the time zone is incorrect, select “Change date and time…” the change it.
  • Select “OK” when done.

Step 2- Click Continue To This Site.


You can click on Continue to this website (not recommended)


“There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” Your internet browser will work again if not then TRIED TO RESET INTERNET EXPLORER


OR use another browser like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Step 3- Install A Security Certificate.

You can try to install the security certificate.

  • In Windows Internet Explorer 7, click Continue to this website (not recommended).
  • A red Address Bar and a certificate warning appear.
  • Click the Certificate Error button to open the information window.
  • Click View Certificates, and then click Install Certificate.
  • On the warning message that appears, click Yes to install the certificate.
    now close your browser and try to open it again..

Step 4- Uncheck Security Section

  • Run Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools > Internet Options.
  • Click on the Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to the Security section and uncheck ‘Warn about certificate address mismatch’.
  • Click Ok and Restart your PC.

Step 5- Update Your Windows And browser


🙂 I hope this will help you out…

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