Clash Royale for Android/iOS Review

Clash Royale is one of the most popular multiplayer game for the mobile platform. It is available for both Android/iOS devices.

This multiplayer game is created by the developer of another favorite game “Clash of Clans”- Supercell.

Today, we will be reviewing this game and will be finding out whether is it right or not. So, let’s get started. In the meantime, you can also have a look at how to download Clash Royale on Private Server.

This is a card based game. Unlike other boring card games, it is filled with colors and story.

clash royale card deck

You have to collect cards of Troops, spells, and defenses. After receiving the cards, you need to prepare your battle deck where you can choose a dozen different cards.

Once you have chosen the right deck, then you will be ready to fight in battle. Just click on the start button and your opponent be selected randomly. This is a head to head based multiplayer game.

You and your opponent will be given three towers each. There will a prince on the right and left tower and king will be placed on the central tower.

You will be needed to destroy the tower of your opponent by deploying the troops. As it is a multiplayer game, your opponent will also try to destroy your tower. You can prevent your tower from being killed by the force of enemies using defensive cards.

You can also use the spell cards to increase the power of your troops or to decrease the force of the enemy troops.

The story seems to be good. You have to select and drag it to any point on the land, and your troop/ defense/spells will be spawned on that particular area. The person who finishes either three towers of the opponent or first tower and king tower of the opponent will be declared as the winner of the match.

The objective of Clash Royale seems to be pretty sweet. Let’s now discuss the User interface of this game.

The User interface of this game is very colorful though the graphics are not too good. The graphics of this game seems to be a bit cartoonish, but they are quite acceptable. These graphics make the game run smoothly even on a low-end smartphone which is another good thing.

clash royale interface

You can even create a clan in this game and add your teammates. You can chat in the group, or you can even fight with your teammates. You can also interact with your enemy while battling through different emotions which are displayed above the crown of your king. The game has a lot of objectives. You will be needed to collect different cards to make your deck better.

You have to earn crowns by winning the game, and these crowns will increase your level. You will be transferred to better arena league every time your level increases.

We have found the game fun to play. It becomes harder to win every time your level increases.

This was a review on Clash Royale. You can download this game for your Android/iOS Devices through Google play store/Apple App Store. You can subscribe to our newsletter for more tech brewed content.

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