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How To Buy A Domain Name Which Someone Already Owns- A Guide

Building your brand identity, today, calls for building a presence on offline as well as online platforms. For building an online presence, it is essential to go step by step and the very first step in this direction is to set up your own website. When you want to set up your own website, the most important thing is to pick a domain name for your website. Given the growing usage of internet over the years, it is an undeniable fact that people use the internet to get information about anything and everything. This includes brands and businesses.

As a result, your domain name is extremely significant for building an online presence. Your domain name is what your audience will identify you with and is reflective of your brand name. In this sense, picking a good domain name is very important.

What if you have decided on a domain  name, but it has already been taken by another brand? What will you do in such a situation?

There are many times when brands end up picking a domain name that is already taken. Similarly, you might end up in a situation where your domain name is taken and you can’t think of a better option for your brand. In such a situation, you have the option of buying an already owned domain name. You can do this in the domain aftermarket, where you may find and purchase your chosen domain name from their owner. If you are unable to find a domain name for your brand on the domain aftermarket, you can go ahead and approach the owner of the domain name directly.

Factors To Consider Before Approaching A Domain Owner

If you are planning on approaching a domain owner to buy domain name of your choice, you must keep a few factors in mind, before you make the decision.

What amount are you willing to dispense for buying a domain name ? What price are you planning to quote to the domain owner?  You must keep the domain owner’s expectations in mind before making a quotation. The domain owner has put in efforts, money and time, into building their domain and website. If you will quote a lower price, just so as to avoid spending too much, you may not able to crack the deal. Instead, come up with a quotation that offers a win-win bargain for both.

You must also make sure, at this point, to ascertain the time that you will be needing for the entire domain transformation to take place. Right from approaching a domain owner, up to the final point of getting the domain name transferred to your account, can be a long process and may last for as long as a month. This includes the time invested in negotiating as well as making the payment, before the final transfer of the domain name actually takes place.

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Steps To Buy Domain Name From Its Owner

In order to help streamline the process of buying and transforming the domain name, you need to go through a series of easy-to-follow steps mentioned here. These are:

1. Identifying The Owner Of Your Desired Domain

First and foremost, you must identify the owner of the domain name you desire to use for your website. Once you have the email ID or other contact details of the domain owner in place, you can go ahead and approach the domain owner. You can use one of the domain lookups for finding the owner of the domain, along with their email address.

2. Approaching The Decision Maker

Especially if you are looking at medium or large sized companies, you may want to approach the decision maker rather than the domain owner. Chances are, that the domain owner, may not even respond. Get the contact details of the decision maker from the company website and approach them directly.

3. Negotiate

Once you have approached the decision maker or the domain owner, you have to start preparing yourself for the negotiation. When negotiating, it is always recommended to first ask if the owner is willing to sell the domain name. You can then lead it further by asking them as to how much they will be willing to sell it for.

4. Payment and Transformation Of Ownership

Finally, you will have to make the payment to buy domain and get the ownership transferred in your name. You can involve third parties to facilitate the entire process. You must make sure that the owner is using a secure payment method and also ensure that you are actually taking the domain you are paying for.


Be prepared to handle the setback of not being able to crack the deal at the your desired price. You may want to brainstorm and come up with a domain name that has still not been taken by someone else. This will keep costs low, unless you are a big business and are willing to pay what it costs to get the domain name you want even though it’s taken.

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