Best GBA Emulator for Android 2018

There was a time when there was no scope of playing games on PC, Laptops or Smartphones. People were actually unaware about what this technical term means but in today’s date if you don’t know what Android, iOS or Windows operating system is, then you are considered as a dumb person.

As time passed, technology got more and more advanced and the process is still continuing. If you love to explore the IT world, then it’s time to break the chain of your shackles and explore deeper.

Today We Are here to tell you about an amazing term that is “GBA” and I am going to list down the “top 5 best GBA for Android”. Now, you must be wondering that what this GBA means. Don’t worry, I have an answer to all your question. So, let’s start the journey.

What is GBA?

Developed as a video-game console, GBA stands for ‘Game Boy Console’, and it is a 32-bit console that was first manufactured by Nintendo. It was considered as the successor of the “Game Boy Color”.

Playing classic games on PC is highly easily  GBA Emulator for PC but if you want to enjoy it on the screen of your smartphone, then you need to download GBA for android. So, let’s check out that which are the “top 5 android GBA in 2018”.

Top 5 Best GBA Emulator for Android:

You must be knowing that an “emulator” allows you to download any android application on your PC which you are not able to download directly. So, how GBA emulator for Android will be beneficial for us? Let’s check it out!

1. John GBA:

You may find the name little bit weird, but yes, John GBA is ranking on the top position when we talk about best GBA emulator for Android. The users can easily play games on their smartphone without worrying about the security as the main agenda of this GBA emulator is to maintain the authentication details. The features of John GBA emulator are as follows:

John gba

  • Original GBA engine is used by the emulator to provide you best experience.
  • On-screen controls are easily accessible.
  • Speed up your game or slow it down, according to your situation.

2. GBA.emu:

If you want to download GBA.emu then you need to pay some fees for that. Previously the free version of the emulator was available but now it has been updated to the paid version. Below are some features of GBA.emu emulator:

  • Quicksave feature is included in the emulator.
  • Hardware controls can be used.

3. My boy:

The My Boy GBA Emulator for Android is directly available at the Google Play Store. My Boy is one of the most famous emulators that you can have on your device. Some amazing features are listed below:

  • Access hardware controls.
  • Run on any android device.
  • Can easily cheat codes for games.

myboy emulator

4. GBA emulator:

The name itself says everything right? We are talking about best GBA emulators for Android in 2018, and GBA is itself as an emulator that you can use to enjoy your games more. Some features of GBA emulator are listed below:

  • You can easily customize the controls.
  • You don’t need to pay any amount in order to download it.
  • You can also use physical controls for the better experience.

5. MyGBA emulator:

MYGBA is also one of the best and free GBA android emulator that you can download in your device in order to play your favorite games. Previously there was an emulator whose name was “Gameboid” and you can say that MyGBA is the new and complete version of the Gameboid emulator. But one thing you cannot do while using this emulator is “cheating”, yes you have to play your games without using the cheat codes. Some features of MyGBA emulator are listed below:

  • You cannot cheat. Yes, it is considered as a feature because you will enjoy your game more without using cheat codes.
  • Save your complete progress.
  • Free of cost.

mygba emulator

Mentioned above are the top 5 best GBA emulators for Android. I hope you will use any of these emulators and enjoy playing your favorite game on your smartphone. The process to download these emulators are very easy but from these 5 the first 3 are paid emulators whereas the other ones are free versions. Enjoy!

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