Have you ever come across content on the internet that you could not access? Unfortunately, there is a lot of blocked content due to geo-restrictions. Copyright and network restrictions make it difficult to view content that might interest you. However, you can still view this content if you know how to start using proxy servers!

You can use proxy servers to mask your network activity since they act as intermediaries between personal computers and networks containing files, websites and other data you may require. There are many ways in which proxy servers are beneficial.


Proxy servers act as intermediaries between your computer and the content you want to access. They, therefore, limit the capability of other servers to detect your online activity. In essence, proxy servers hide your IP address by displaying the server’s IP address in place of your own. This anonymity allows you to browse the internet without the threat of third parties having access to your browsing behavior.


Proxy servers also protect you against malware from malicious cookies that may interfere with your browsing experience. While this may sound counterintuitive to you, consider this… if your admin is aware of sites that contain phishing links and malware, he/she can prevent proxy users from inadvertently accessing them.

Blocked or Restricted Content

Proxy servers are effective in granting you access to filtered content by overcoming geo-restrictions. For example, many organizations and schools block social media on their servers so that individuals focus on work and learning. China also blocks its citizens’ access to social media platforms such as Facebook and Google. You can utilize a Facebook proxy to bypass your school’s firewall or workplace’s firewall and access Facebook. If you are living in China, a facebook proxy server grants you access to the social media platform.


Proxy servers can offer enhancements for network performance through compression tools and file caches. Only local proxies have the capacity to cache content. If, for example, all computers in your workplace are routed to a single server, it can be easy to access content that has already been accessed by your colleagues.

Slow connections can also benefit from proxies. If your internet connection is slow, the proxy server you are using can compress the content you are accessing and significantly reduce its size so that you view it faster. An example of a compression tool is the Opera Mini browser app for your mobile phone. It removes pieces of data you do not need from the content you access making your browsing experience faster.

Proxy servers can help you in developing a website. You can utilize any proxy like facebook proxy server before and after launching your site to experience it from the perspective of your users. This gives you a higher level of functionality during web development.   

If you want to access certain content on the internet but you cannot due to your geo-location or due to copyright and network restrictions, do not worry… you can utilize a proxy server. You can also mask your location from third parties that may utilize your information for malicious purposes. Additionally, you can protect your browsing experience from phishing and malware.