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First Question You may have in mind is –

Why Belkin router is not working ? 

Friends lets get this issue resolved and find out what is the problem in Belkin wireless router . we have used Belkin router for more than 7 years so we know a lot about Belkin wireless router .

Belkin wireless routers are the best routers among  any other home wireless routers .

when your Belkin routers are not working there are few steps that you might want to try to solve this .

just keep this in mind and fix the  Belkin wireless router.

In order to troubleshoot this Belkin wireless router the first step is

Restart = take out the power cable and wait for 20 sec than plug it back 

  • Restart the modem (cable/dsl modem)
  • Now restart the router and computer also and wait for 2 min .
  • See if this get you Belkin wireless router online .


if it does not work than we have to try these steps 

First you need to unplug the Belkin wireless router from modem and now connect the computer with your  modem with a cable

Just to see you are getting the internet.

Now connect the modem with router using a internet cable to the internet port(Ethernet port).

try  connecting wireless  router with computer using a another internet cable.

type at the URL (on the top of search bar ) and now router setup page is open .

Now there are easy steps where you can setup the router and you can change the password .

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Steps to reset the belkin wireless router

Try using the reset key to reset the wireless router . please find the reset hole at the back or bottom of the router

its the time where one has to do the power cycle (restart)of the modem.than after restart the router and do the same with computer also .

Press the reset key and using a pen Or Paper clip And Hold For Like 30 seconds .






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These steps will let you solve your Belkin router is not working problem and this will be a help for any other problem with Belkin router too .

Please Update the Belkin router Firmware After Your Belkin Start Working.

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I hope this will help you . Still if Your Belkin router is not working Than Keep Reading

Tips For Belkin Router –

try contacting your ISP(internet service provider ) with all steps fail to setup Belkin wireless router .

be careful do not reset the modem .

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