Why Antivirus software is gone after windows update or Reset?

Hello folks, is your antivirus is missing after a recent Windows update or in some other cases, you are not able to open the antivirus user interface then this post is a step-to-step guide on how to get your antivirus back on your devices or fix antivirus UI problem.

Every now and then Microsoft launches minor and major windows updates to fix performance-related problems and it is possible to experience some problems after a critical update.

your will also find your antivirus missing if you factory reset your computer or smartphone. So let’s Understand why it’s gone-

Why Windows Update Disable/Removes the Antivirus

in most cases it does not removes or disable the antivirus however in some cases based on system and software settings if the critical windows updates get installed it may treat other security software as a threat.

After updates installation, it may remove corrupted, outdated and leftover files of windows program to keep it up to date however it is a problem and it should be fixed using easy and simple steps.

in case of windows reset to default, if you choose to keep the software you will not loose anything but if you choose to remove everything and put all settings back to default then you may have to reinstall your antivirus software.

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Fix antivirus gone after windows update

Antivirus protection in the age of technology is a must-have thing. and since windows 10 is out there in almost every new windows computer there have been many issues and Microsoft is still working on them.

Personal experience– before you start doing anything let me just tell you if it is a windows 10 computer then all blame goes to Microsoft. they have created windows where they want to rule the world.

After every windows 10 or windows 11 update, there is a new problem and we have been testing Windows 11 on multiple computers. but we think that every good thing comes up with some dis-advantage.

in our experience, Windows performs a compatibility check If the check finds the anti-virus software installed is not compatible with Windows it may disable to remove the software.

It is automatically uninstalled we would suggest you go download another copy of your antivirus, deactivate the windows defender if it is blocking the antivirus.

Step 1-

Re-install your “Antivirus” using CD or download it from the official website of antivirus and Check it gets activate and runs properly. If it does not install then You may have to run your Antivirus Removal Tool.

We have seen this issue with avg antivirus a lot read this also – https://fixingblog.com/avg-antivirus-not-working-giving-hard-time-users/

Just to clean and remove any older version of antivirus please and then Re-install the software.

Note : – Do not reinstall an old version from an old download or an old CD, as it most likely won’t be compatible with Windows 10.


  • Install the latest version of your antivirus protection.
  • and your antivirus should automatically appear and active
  • Windows upgrade will keep this information inside (presumably) the Windows Registry.
  • you won’t have to re-enter the license during a Reinstall but if it’s not there
  • then you can always get the license key from the email or try login to your antivirus account

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Antivirus Missing After Antivirus Update

in some cases users have faced problems with their antivirus update and they find that software is missing after you have recently updated the antivirus.

Antivirus updates are also to enhance the database, security, and stability of the application and if the core files are damaged by some corruption. it may attempt to clean up or repair the antivirus software.

if your antivirus is gone the best course of action would be to uninstall the leftover files and then re-install the software using the antivirus account.

I hope this will help you to get out of this problem. please comment below for any other help.

We thank you for reading.

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  1. I had the same problem when I upgraded. my friends advised to uninstall the current version of avg (keep your certificate registration) and then re-install. I did this and it worked — avg desktop icon is there and “Safe Money” feature is available

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