5 Best Hidden Features of Whatsapp

5 Best Hidden Features of Whatsapp


Whatsapp has become a very popular mobile messaging platform till to date. Many people have been caught for ignoring as there are those people who have known well tips on how to catch a cheater on Whatsapp. Despite the app very famous, it has some features that are hidden, and there are those that you may not have come across before. The app has continued being innovative and hence adding more functionality.

1. Pin the Chats

Yes, using the new release you can be able to do so. Many times as it happens you only chat with very few people than you even think. This is going to help to get to such very easily and with no complications. Many times what happens is that as we even chat with people, we get messages from various contacts which may lead to you ignoring such messages unintentionally. The only limitation that comes with this application is that you can only be able to pin only three people. If it is your first time to use Whatsapp, don’t worry as here is how to pin a chat. Tap and get to hold a chat that you wish to pin. An icon of the pin at the top is going to appear and click on it. To unpin a chart, click the pinned chart and click the pin.


2. Send a broadcast message

There are times that we want to communicate with every contact that is found on our phone. It is quite tedious and tiresome to copy and paste the message to every contact at a time. However, you do not have to worry as there is an option that is available. This feature was introduced after the introduction of Whatsapp Groups. It has gained popularity, and it remains one of the fastest ways of sharing information. Do you want to send an invitation to people to attend a private party or even a graduation party? Well, Whatsapp got you covered. There is a New Broadcast feature that will come in aid to help you. To broadcast a message to all or even some of your contacts, navigate to Chats then Menu, new broadcast. Select all the contacts you need then click okay.

3. Hide Status for some people

Whatsapp developers have continued being innovative in some of the best ways. After the introduction of Whatsapp status, they have an option which allows you to select the users who are going to see your status. By default, your status is meant to be shared with all your contacts. However, they saw the need to share status with the only people that you want. To do this, go to Status Screen, tap on the Menu button. Navigate Status privacy and the select the people that you want to see the status.

hide your status

4. Usage of Starred Messages

Starred messages are one of the best ways that do allow users to be able to bookmark specific messages to ensure that you quickly refer to them whenever the need arises. To perform starring of a message, tap and also hold the message that you want to star. A star icon is going to appear and click on it. To be able to reverse this operation, follow the same process. To be able to access the starred messages, open Whatsapp and tap on the Menu button.

5. Changing app language

Did you know that Whatsapp can be able to support several languages across the world? For example, In India, it can support languages such as English Bengali, Gujarati and also Punjab. To change the language on Whatsapp, navigate to settings >> Chats >> App Language and get to choose language that you want.

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