4 Benefits of Using a CDN

The internet is currently used by over 2.4 billion people worldwide. This is a clear indication that businesses have a great opportunity to reach millions of customers globally. The main challenge that businesses are facing is an inability to provide users with speedy internet connectivity over a wider coverage so that consumers get optimal web performance.

Ensuring content is delivered reliably to customers is one of the major challenges that business is faced with. In fact, to make the matter worse, Google introduced new updates that reward websites that load content faster. This is where a content delivery network could become fundamental for businesses interested in global internet connectivity.

Using content delivery network is an incredible way for businesses to stand out from the crowd since its customers will get reliably content as a result of using a CDN. A content delivery network is a tool that provides optimal and secure web performance around the globe. As a result, businesses must not miss this essential tool.

In this post, we will present the 4 benefits of using a content delivery network to enhance web performance. But first:

What is a CDN?

A  content delivery network ( CDN a.k.a ) is a technology that entails interconnecting network of servers that help to increase internet connection speeds and also helps to block internet threats and spammers from accessing your website. In short, a CDN is a collection is servers placed globally. Whenever a user visits a website a CDN conveys the cached content from the closest location to enhance the speed of your site. This means that content that is delivered by a CDN will always travel a shorter distance to reach the website user and this is the biggest benefit of a CDN.

Let’s learn more about the benefits of using a CDN.

1. Improves website response time

 Improves website response time

Today’s customers are impatient and if your site takes ages to load, no customer will sit there and wait as your site loads their request. With a CDN, you’re your site loads speed will be improved thus making it possible to deliver content faster. When you consider a typical hosting where all your resources are centrally hosted on your main shared server, you may experience inconsistent speeds or sometimes a total failure whenever there is high traffic.

When using a CDN, you don’t have to worry about traffic spikes as they are handled smoothly while the network is improved to cope up with huge traffic with greater efficiency. This is to mean that you are relieved of worrying about your website crashing.

2. A CDN is cheaper than people might think

Many people fear using a CDN thinking that is costly but the truth is that you can get a cheap CDN. In fact, using a CDN is quite inexpensive and every user including average bloggers can use it. Using a CDN is a cool web performance investment that has a huge return on investment in the long run.

If you compare the cost of CDN bandwidth with the cost of a traditional hosting provider, you will find a CDN to be more affordable which makes it possible for businesses to save their money.

3. A CDN helps to improve SEO

improve seo

SEO is crucial when it comes to website ranking. A well Search Engine Optimized website will be more likely to be found on the top pages of Google’s search results than one that is not optimized for SEO. However, Google released its updates that are aimed at rewarding sites that provide users with good performance. This means that if your website does not offer your visitors the best performance, Google will never bother ranking it higher in its pages.  

This is where CDN comes in. A website that uses CDN will no doubt improve SEO and this will make it possible for Google ranking algorithm to consider moving it up in the SERPs.

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4. Security

As technology advances, more and more businesses are finding ways of using the web to reach a greater audience. This has also attracted hackers, spammers, and cybercriminals. As a result of these circumstances, cybersecurity is of great importance. Content delivery networks detect and blocks threats to business data and information by masking customers’ real servers. Businesses can, therefore, market their security to their clients thus enhancing their reputation.

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