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Are You Trying to activate Norton Antivirus With Retail Card ?

Do You Want to download And setup norton antivirus ?

Than Your are on the right Place . Read this Post Till End to activate and install Norton antivirus .

First We Need a Norton account For Norton setup –

Creating Norton Account –

Folks , in order to manage Norton account download and services you need to have a Norton account . You can sign up for a norton account And all you need is a email address .

Please Use your Email address to Sign up with Norton account . Please visit Norton Account Sign up

Once you have the norton account You can use your 25 digit activation code that you have To Redeem and Install Norton antivirus .

Activating The Norton Antivirus –

If You Already Have The retail card With activation code Please Follow these steps to activate the Norton –

  • Open Your Browser And Type www.norton.com/setup Or Visit norton.com/setup
  • Now Login to your Norton account With As You May Have Just Created . if you Already have norton Please Use You User name and password to login with Norton account .
  • After login to your Norton account Just Redeem your 25 digit activation code .

  • Once Your Activation Card Has Been Redeem Than You Can download Norton Antivirus .
  • Please Go to My Account And Under Services You Can Download The Norton Antivirus .
  • Run The Setup As You Must Download the norton Software .
  • After installation Please Restart You computer And Update the Norton antivirus .

Please Comment Below And let us know if you have any other problem with norton antivirus installation .

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Learn More About Norton Antivirus With C.d Please Read More information about it How to Setup Norton 360 antivirus in my computer ?

Beware Of Untrusted Websites –

Dear Friends There are Many websites on internet that claims to give you right path to activate the Norton antivirus .

These Websites Use Phishing to Trick You And Steel Your Activation Key And sometime they may Take your information Like email , phone number and address .

Please Be Careful while searching for terms Like

www.norton.com/setup  , norton.com login ,

norton.com/setup sign in norton.com/setup download ,

 enter norton product key ,  norton.com/setup login  ,  norton antivirus setup

These Are The Terms One Should Be Very Careful while Searching On Internet .

These Fake Advertisers Use these Keywords to Manipulate the users And Get there Information .

Sometime they make you to call them and They may trick you to pay somewhere between $300-500 just for installing the product Which you have already Paid For .

See if this All Information Helps you Activate and install the Norton antivirus Protection .

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Belkin Range Extender Won’t Connect to Internet

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If you have a Belkin range extender Which troubles you in terms of Connectivity and Connection than You Are at Right Place .

Did You Setup Your Extender and Yet You Haven’t Gain Internet From It ?

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How to Setup Trendnet Wireless Router ?

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How to Setup Trendnet Wireless Router ?


Today We Will learn How to Setup and Configure Trendnet Wireless Router In Just 5 Minutes Using this Quick and Simple Guide .

Dear Friends setting up any home wireless router is Easy and Process is Almost same In Every Other Home Wireless Router .

Before We Begin to setup trendnet router We Would need few things upfront like –

  •  You Need 2 Internet cable Often Called Ethernet Cable (If You 1 Cable That’s Fine )
  •  Internet Service Provider (Modem )
  •  Computer (Optional ) Or Any Device With Full Browser Like chrome. Mozzila , internet explorer etc .

Now if you have these things let us Guide you how to setup trendnet router .

First Find out what is the default Ip address (Default gateway ) of your router .

Most of the time default gateway (I.P)For trednnet router is But You Can Also check At The Back of your router for default ip address .

Now we have everything we need to install trendnet router .

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