Why Asus smart Gesture is not working and how to fix it ?

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asus smart gesture is an advance version of touch pad driver . It is just and enhance and simple way to control the laptop touch pad .

You can Customise the touch pad function using Asus Touch Smart Gesture . (more…)

How To Fix Asus Wireless Router Common Problems

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Dear Folks Today we will share Some common Problems and there solutions with asus wireless router Problems .

We are intend to Guide You step By step to Fix any kind of problem With asus router .

Guys internet has become an essential part of life our daily life . it is a age where we no longer depend on cable to get internet in our devices .

In simple Language wireless router is a device that gives you wired and wireless internet all over you home .

Asus Routers Are Quite Famous and reliable . lets Understand few common issues with router and there steps to fix asus wireless router .

Few Common Problems with asus router

  • Asus router setup problem
  •  Wireless router is no longer secure
  • Asus Router is blinking orange
  • Everything is connected but no internet
  • you want to reset the password in your asus router etc.

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How to Setup Wireless Router with Modem ?

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After Getting lot of emails from People that they want a standard instruction to setup any Router .

Till Now we had instructions Only for 5 routers belkin , netgear , asus , d’link , linksys But On Readers Demand we are just Giving Standard instruction and steps to setup any wireless router with modem .

We Tried to cover almost every Brand  . Please Read the Full Article and I am sure this Will Help You to setup Wireless router with modem .

Getting Started – In order to setup the Router we need a Ethernet cable and internet modem .


Fix laptop battery which is draining fast even after full charge ?

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While Your are Reading this post We are assuming that You have a laptop Or desktop Computer which has some battery issues .

Friends even after full charging Your laptop if You battery Drains fast you can try following instructions to Solve Your battery backup issue .

But first We have to understand few things


How To Reset Password In Dlink Router ?

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While You are Reading this Post We are Quite Sure You are having problems connecting Your Devices With Dlink router

Maybe you Forgot the password Or May be you want to  Reset Password In Dlink Router for Security Reasons .

We will Guide You step by step to Reset Password In your Dlink router . after Reset will also Help You to setup a New Password On your Dlink Router .