How to fix computer Webcam is Upside Down Problem ?

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Fix webcam is upside down –

webcam is the most important component for video call . while you are doing video callings using skype,facebook massenger ,or any other video calling software .

If your webcam is upside down after windows update Or webcam is not working properly of may can try these steps to Get the Webcam working .

Some Basic Steps –

  • Restart the computer and update the latest software for webcam in device manager.
  • make sure webcam is not off in program .
  • we have to make sure its webcam issue or particular program issue .

check the camera and webcam please click on windows key and type camera please open and see if it is working .

Try uninstalling and installing  webcam driver-

if you see the webcam is upside down and not responding . try these steps to rectify the problem with webcam –

  1. Open the device manager .
  2.  Click on imaging device and right click on it and please update the driver .
  3. after update restart the computer . if this did not work and try more here-

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Computer Making Weird Noise How to Fix Crazy Sounds ?

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folks there are many things that makes Your computer shouting strange and loud . let it be any device laptop Or desktop Nobody like a loud and strange computer .

lets understand the problem completely .

Few Problems and their solutions –

Fan is Making Weird sound-

The hard drive’s death rattle-

Strange BIOS beep Codes  –

unhealthy speaker sounds –

Flickering sound coming from computer –

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How To Reset password on Belkin router ?

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I am very sure that While you are here you may want to reset belkin router password .

in this post we will also tell you how to retrieve the password without resetting the router In case you forgot the Belkin wireless  password .

Lets Guide you and teach you –

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How to upgrade apple time capsule hard drive ?

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Friends Today  in this Post we will Find out how to upgrade the hard drive of your apple time Capsule .

Why we Need to Upgrade apple time capsule hard drive –

When you think of time capsule hard drive all of think of is your collection of movies, pictures ,music , documents and backups .

Folks I am sure you remember those massages coming to your screen saying your Time capsule disk is failing Or may be its juts not working the way you want it to work .

Sometime its very slow because its about to be full or may be you just need extra space . for example you have 500 GB OR 1 TB hard drive and you want 2 TB OR 4 TB .

Guys Before we continue Lets Just don’t forget you need to take full back of your data in some other hard drive or storage device .

Checkout this ifixit Guide About Replacing apple time capsule hard drive –  click here-

see if this helps you out to replace your hard drive .

Checkout this also

this was the best Guide We have ever seen on apple time capsule hard drive .

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Why Apple Airport Time Capsule Flashing Yellow ?

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Apple Airport Time Capsule –

Apple airport time capsule is multi purpose and multitask device . apple time capsule can be used as wireless access point .

you can use if for back up and many more things like it will let you print and store your data using wireless connectivity .

this is Know issue and let see in many cases very easy to fix .

just follow simple steps and fix your flashing yellow or amber airport time capsule.

If internet is your main issue and apple express , extreme or time capsule devices not giving you internet.

you can also try these steps to fix the internet issue with airport follow and see if this also helps .

Why Apple Airport Time Capsule Flashing Yellow –

mostly this problem comes whenever there is new update on your time capsule device or whenever time capsule detect internet connectivity issue.

please follow these steps to fix this issue –

first open Applications than go to  –> Utilities –> Airport Utility 

with windows computer  there must be a desktop icon by the name of apple airport utility please open it and follow the same .

Once the airport utility is open Now you may see there will be pop up saying that there is a new version of software available .

Please download and update the software and if there is no pop-up asking for update than  check for any  new software update manually  .

restart  your computer and restart the apple airport time capsule And wait for 1 min


  •  Please restart the modem and computer also everytime you restart the airport time capsule .
  • Do not reset and erase date while playing with apple airport utility .

see if all this works and fix your issue .

for any other help with apple airport time capsule please comment below

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Why Apple Airport Express is not working ?

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Apple always made different and amazing things . Apple Airport Express is one of those incredible and amazing device .

Now Apple Airport express can be used as wireless access point and  as a music player also . apple airport express can be used as Airplay Device also.

In this Guide we will learn only  how to fix apple airport wireless connectivity problems –

please keep this in mind that we have tested these steps and if you will follow the steps there are fair chances your apple airport will work .

apple airport not working –

  1. first restart the modem and restart the apple airport express and wait for 2 min .
  2. Now try connecting with internet see if this solves the issue
  3. make sure connection between modem and airport is fine with Ethernet cable
  4. if all this does not work please look on the apple airport and see the lights and there status like pattern of blinking and color of lights .
  5. if all above steps don’t work you may have to perform a reset on apple airport . since this a multi-purpose devices we would not recommend factory reset in first attempt-

Resetting apple airport express –

before your perform a reset i would like you to make sure that your internet is working from your internet service provider.  If YES Then follw

there are three types of reset you can perform on airport wireless base point – Continue reading “Why Apple Airport Express is not working ?”

why mac computer won’t boot or randomly restart

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i understand how frustrating this can be when your mac computer won’t boot or auto-restart again and again . before we begin to fix this issue please consider this guide if it is stuck at start up  follow see if this also helps .  if not than continue –

Mac computer Won’t Boot – 

in this situation we have to understand and check the system step by step please follow –

As a computer user this is where i also make mistakes .

when i am done working on laptop instead shutting the laptop down i just flip the laptop screen and keep it that way .

in this case battery keep draining and system shuts off once its fully discharged .

Here is the easy and step by step fix to your mac computer boot problem –

Power Outlet

  • most basic and the first thing will be the power source .
  • check the cable and power outlet . make sure its not broken and disconnected .
  • Now first check if your battery is drained out .
  • Make sure just plug the charger from power outlet to mac computer and wait for minimum 30 min .
  • disconnect all other peripherals like printer cable  , Ethernet cable , USB flash drive , mobile etc .
  • Now try restating the computer press the power key and hold for like 20 second and see if it turns back on .

see if this works and fix your mac computer won’t boot .

if it does not turn on take my genuine advice take it to nearest apple store.

when your mac computer turn on But restart randomly here is something that you can try to fix your mac computer auto restart issue –

Fix mac computer random restart –

for this problem we have a different kind of trouble shooting –

Software troubleshooting –  Sometime it happens because of kernel panic which is normal but apart from this try these steps also

  • first try booting the computer in safe mode using command + R key
  • uninstall all unwanted and recent programs installed .
  • Get the latest version of operating system and perform some clean- up on your mac computer .
  • disconnect any peripherals also because they can also cause this issue .

listen Friends we this did not help I will suggest you don’t Try to be a hero this time because for mac computers are expensive so please take it to the apple store and let them handle this .

please comment below and let us know if you need any other help with mac computer won’t boot or random restart .

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How to Clean and Speed up Slow mac computer (All versions)

Clean and Speed up Slow mac computer-

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by the time every computer mac or windows gets slow and we have to understand how we can get the best performance from our machine .

for this topic lets concentrate only on mac computers and how to Clean slow mac computer.

Understanding why mac is slow –

  • it has some junks and cookies , temp files , toolbar in browser  or may be corrupted codes inside it .
  • few most used programs are outdated and need to be updated
  • load of start up programs can also make it very slow
  • use activity monitor to see which program is making it more slow
  • your mac computer is very old like more than 6-7 years you may have to upgrade the R.A.M memory .
  • Your hard drive need some disk clean up . please remove all unnecessary big files and use ccleaner to clean up the hard drive and speed up the mac computer and also wipe out free space on hard drive .
  • Un-install all unwanted programs and application for better performance .

How to Clean slow mac computer-

in order to clean slow mac computer first you need to close all programs and restart the computer

  1. download ccleaner for mac and  run it (its free to use )
  2. Close safari or the browser that you use  and remove all unwanted toolbar.
  3. disable all start up programs that you don’t use they make your computer slow .
  4. time to time apple release there software update to maintain and fix bugs inside there operating system . please download the latest updates for your operating system
  5. disable all the visual and animation effects to Get better performance .
  6. you can also reduce Transparency by going system Preferences >Accessibility> Reduce transparency check the box and save the settings .

if all this did not work you can also try doing a reset on

Few More tips and tricks to speedup slow mac computer –
  • please reboot your mac computer once a day
  • you can also add some more R.A.M for good performance .( we recommend minimum 2-4 G.B )
  • Please clear space from hard drive as much as you can . only remove those big files that you don’t use .
  • Mac computer auto-defrags big files you can adjust the settings .
  • you can turn off encryption also that will also help you to increase the speed of your mac computer . but Know the risk  disabling encryption will put your computer on risk when its stolen . click on Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy. here you can see file vault Tab on top . once you click on lock button it will ask you user name and password . than turn off the file Vault and please save the settings and restart the mac .

see if all these steps helps and make your computer fast .

for more steps please comment below and let us know any other issue with your computer .

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How to Install McAfee antivirus protection in computer ?

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Install McAfee antivirus protection –

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If you have Already bought the McAfee antivirus from Any store or Online websites or may be you have a retail card .

we can help you install McAfee antivirus  in your computer . According to us McAfee is good antivirus product for Home users .

Attention –

Must do steps Before you install McAfee antivirus  –  first we have to understand very clearly that if you ever had any other antivirus Or different version of McAfee antivirus you might End up facing more Problems .  Like no internet ,Slow computer etc.

  •  Please Remove any Other Older Version of McAfee antivirus from computer . even if it is expired . Try downloading the latest version of the McAfee antivirus .
  • If you had any other antivirus don’t just Uninstall From control panel try Running  the removal tool for example – for avg antivirus removal you can download avg removal tool from avg website .
  • for all other antivirus products you can always download there removal tool by going to there respective websites .
  • you can also use tools like Revo uninstaller or ccleaner free to remove the antivirus programs. you can download there free version .
  • After all these steps restart the computer .
  • Now You are all set to Install McAfee antivirus .

Now Setup McAfee  Antivirus Using These Simple Steps- 

install McAfee antivirus with CD  –

in order to install McAfee antivirus protection in your computer and for better performance of your computer please consider these system requirements for best performance .

windows requirement – windows visa , 7 ,windows 8 ,8.1 or windows 10 +internet connection

R.A.M -Minimum 2 G.B , make sure processor is fast enough

  1. insert the c.d into computer and wait for 1 min .
  2. now you will see McAfee setup pop up if not than go to your computer drives
  3. look at your removable disc section you will get a folder in your Cd drive
  4. please run the McAfee setup and follow the instructions to setup McAfee antivirus . do remember you can select language ,country, custom settings as your wish .
  5. Agree with terms and conditions  and hit on install
  6. after installation it will update the antivirus and settings from internet .
  7. you can create a McAfee account to manage your billings and services.
  8. please restart your computer and see if its working now .

Install Mcafee antivirus with retail card (Activation code ) –

Here you will learn how to activate and install McAfee antivirus using a retail card bought from store or came with CD .

  • first remove any other older version than restart the computer
  • open the web browser in your computer and type McAfee activation or visit  and here you can submit your 25 digit retail card for McAfee activation .
  • you can download the McAfee setup and install McAfee antivirus using the settings given on that webpage .
  • you can agree with terms and setup macafee as you wish .
  • after doing few next -next you get option to intall
  • hit install and wait after few minutes it will ask to restart and update . please do it .
  • it may also ask your to create a McAfee account that will help to setup and customize services according to your choice .
  • now you are ready to scan your computer using McAfee antivirus protection.

i hope this did help

please comment below and lets us know if your have any trouble isnatlling our McAfee antivirus protection in computer .

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What is iTunes error 53 and how to fix iTunes error ?

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lets start by understating the problem and how to fix iTunes error 53 .  basically till now as i have seen people facing this iTunes problem with there iPhone and iPad .

we need to understand first why this error 53 comes in your system .

you may have updated your ios or you may have replaced sensor or the whole screen

As apple describes this issue as a ”security test failure error code ”

there was a test protocol designed by apple to check the touch id now unfortunately it has effected lot of apple device .

apple did recognize this problem and they have release a updated  version IOS 9.2.1 to fix iTunes error 53.

many more user who have replaced there touch id or screen  from somewhere else instead of apple store they also can be effected by this problem .

some users are still having issue with iTunes error 53 so here is how you fix it .

how to fix iTunes error 53 –

let us be very clear that it is a problem that comes in itines whenever you change change hard or the software .

first we have to understand if we have error 53 on iTunes how it will impact your device .

  • you may see apple logo is stuck on screen and after waiting 10 -15 min it will just say error code 53
  • it may also look like your screen is stuck at start up saying ”connect to iTunes ”
  • after error 53 you may not able to do anything on your iPhone or iPad


please follow these steps first to make sure if this can be fixed by simple steps –

  • make sure its not plugged by computer or any cable
  • perform a hard restart on your device . press the power key and hold for like 30 seconds .
  • after hard reset you may see option for restore or update please click restore
  • after that connect the device with computer using a USB cable
  • open the iTunes and please select your device and please update the ios version of your device .
  • make sure you have latest iTunes software   installed on your device .
  • after all steps please restart your device and see if it is working .
  • is it is still not working i think its time to take your device to near apple store .

please tell us if you have any other issue with your iTunes application comment below and let us know about your problem .

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