How to fix computer Webcam is Upside Down Problem ?

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Fix webcam is upside down –

webcam is the most important component for video call . while you are doing video callings using skype,facebook massenger ,or any other video calling software .

If your webcam is upside down after windows update Or webcam is not working properly of may can try these steps to Get the Webcam working .

Some Basic Steps –

  • Restart the computer and update the latest software for webcam in device manager.
  • make sure webcam is not off in program .
  • we have to make sure its webcam issue or particular program issue .

check the camera and webcam please click on windows key and type camera please open and see if it is working .

Try uninstalling and installing  webcam driver-

if you see the webcam is upside down and not responding . try these steps to rectify the problem with webcam –

  1. Open the device manager .
  2.  Click on imaging device and right click on it and please update the driver .
  3. after update restart the computer . if this did not work and try more here-


Computer Making Weird Noise How to Fix Crazy Sounds ?

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folks there are many things that makes Your computer shouting strange and loud . let it be any device laptop Or desktop Nobody like a loud and strange computer .

lets understand the problem completely .

Few Problems and their solutions –

Fan is Making Weird sound-

The hard drive’s death rattle-

Strange BIOS beep Codes  –

unhealthy speaker sounds –

Flickering sound coming from computer –


How To Reset password on Belkin router ?

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I am very sure that While you are here you may want to reset belkin router password .

in this post we will also tell you how to retrieve the password without resetting the router In case you forgot the Belkin wireless  password .

Lets Guide you and teach you –


How to upgrade apple time capsule hard drive ?

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Friends Today  in this Post we will Find out how to upgrade the hard drive of your apple time Capsule .

Why we Need to Upgrade apple time capsule hard drive –

When you think of time capsule hard drive all of think of is your collection of movies, pictures ,music , documents and backups .

Folks I am sure you remember those massages coming to your screen saying your Time capsule disk is failing Or may be its juts not working the way you want it to work .

Sometime its very slow because its about to be full or may be you just need extra space . for example you have 500 GB OR 1 TB hard drive and you want 2 TB OR 4 TB .

Guys Before we continue Lets Just don’t forget you need to take full back of your data in some other hard drive or storage device .

Checkout this ifixit Guide About Replacing apple time capsule hard drive –  click here-

see if this helps you out to replace your hard drive .

Checkout this also

this was the best Guide We have ever seen on apple time capsule hard drive .

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Happy fixing .




Why Apple Airport Time Capsule Flashing Yellow ?

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Apple Airport Time Capsule –

Apple airport time capsule is multi purpose and multitask device . apple time capsule can be used as wireless access point .

you can use if for back up and many more things like it will let you print and store your data using wireless connectivity .

this is Know issue and let see in many cases very easy to fix .

just follow simple steps and fix your flashing yellow or amber airport time capsule.

If internet is your main issue and apple express , extreme or time capsule devices not giving you internet.

you can also try these steps to fix the internet issue with airport follow and see if this also helps .

Why Apple Airport Time Capsule Flashing Yellow –

mostly this problem comes whenever there is new update on your time capsule device or whenever time capsule detect internet connectivity issue.

please follow these steps to fix this issue –

first open Applications than go to  –> Utilities –> Airport Utility 

with windows computer  there must be a desktop icon by the name of apple airport utility please open it and follow the same .

Once the airport utility is open Now you may see there will be pop up saying that there is a new version of software available .

Please download and update the software and if there is no pop-up asking for update than  check for any  new software update manually  .

restart  your computer and restart the apple airport time capsule And wait for 1 min


  •  Please restart the modem and computer also everytime you restart the airport time capsule .
  • Do not reset and erase date while playing with apple airport utility .

see if all this works and fix your issue .

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