Why Acer Laptop Won’t turn Power On ?

Why Acer Laptop Won’t Boot –

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since you are reading this post we understand you might have issue with your Acer laptop not booting or may be its not even powering on .

first try some physical activity first desktop –

  1. if its a desktop Open the cover of your tower  and take out the Ram and use the cotton cloth to clean it up .
  2. apply some cooling paste on the processor .
  3. use a blower to clean the dust of your acer desktop.
  4. reassemble the desktop and push the power key and hold for like 20 seconds .


How to Fix Slow Cyberpower computer ?

 Speed Up Slow Cyberpower computer –

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first we have to understand why we have Slow cyberpower Pc

  1. you may have lot of programs that you don’t use or may be you have many start up programs that can slow down the system
  2. your windows is not updated or may be you have junks more than you think
  3. it also depends of your hardware also like your R.A.M or your processor
  4. you may have a virus or some program is causing this problem
  5. you may have some virus that is making the computer slow
Uninstall program to fix Slow Cyberpower pc –
  • remove all unwanted program and there leftover files from your computer
  • remove the unwanted toolbar’s from the browser that you don’t use in your browser
  • disable all start up programs that you don’t use they slow your computer .
Upgrade the Hardware of your cyberpower computer –

you can upgrade the R.A.M for better speed of your Slow Cyberpower computer .

you can use ready boost option using your flash drive and get fast Cyberpower computer .

Check for virus in cyberpower computer –

you can use a antivirus program to scan and remove the virus and unwanted junks out of your computer . such as avg antivirus , norton ,etc .

visit this post Top 10 tricks(Quick And Smart steps) to Speedup your windows computer

some other tips –

  • disable all animations and effects
  • update all driver and windows settings
  • turn of windows defender .
  • remove temp , prefetch files  , cookies to make it faster .
  • try resetting and updating the browsers they may also help .
  • use ccleaner to wipe the free space on your computer drives
  • run sfc scan on your slow cyberpower computer
  • go to control panel and run performance trouble shooter and see if you can detect any other problem in your computer

for any other help comment belwo and let us know how we could get you the help


Why Compaq Laptop Sound Not Working ?

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Sound Problems Are common issue with Laptop Once in while . Most of the time its the sound driver Or sound Setting cause these Problems . Lets Solve these Problems One By One –

 Fix Compaq Laptop Sound Problems –

in this guide we will learn all steps to trouble shoot and fix Compaq laptop sound issues –

  • first restart the Compaq  laptop and check the volume key try doing up and down and see the volume is not locked
  • than right click on sound icon at the trouble shoot the sound settings
  • restart the laptop and see if this fixed Compaq laptop sound .
  • you also need to verify the sound online try playing on you tube  and offline just to make sure that program or the website is does not have any issue .
  • before we start just Checkout this you tube video tutorial to fix the sound issue –

updating the sound driver in Compaq laptop-

  • to fix Compaq laptop sound you just need to go to control panel and go to device manager
  • Select the sound driver and update the sound driver online .
  • After updating the Sound driver please restart the laptop and see if this solved the sound problem .

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try downloading latest software online –

if this did not solved the sound problem than try uninstalling the sound driver and install the latest driver for sound

  • go to the device manager and select the sound driver and uninstall the sound driver .
  • make sure you uninstall the sound driver please don’t delete the sound driver
  • now restart the laptop and than update the sound driver again and see if the sound start working
  • if you are trying to play sound using head phone we will recommend  you please unplug and plug the device .
  • make sure play back device is selected and its work
  • try performing the sound test
  • for more visit https://fixingblog.com/why-laptop-sound-is-not-working/
  • try removing any other program that can block the sound
  • turn of all sound effects and extra setting or mode see if this works

Please comment below and let us know if you have any other problems with your laptop sound .

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Why Compaq laptop is Slow and how to fix a Slow Compaq Computer ?

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Speed up Slow Compaq Computer-

the idea of Slow compaq laptop means that your computer is running very slow or may be the Compaq computer is taking very long to boot up or your programs is running very slow

lets start with the hardware first – if you RAM is below 1 GB please consider upgrading your RAM .

  • Now come to software help – just restart the computer and go to control panel and find out all programs which is not useful and please uninstall them .
  • open the task-manager and check the start up programs and disable all unwanted programs .
  • Reset the browser and delete the history or Run the ccleaner program to clean the computer junks  .
  • please update the software’s and windows in your slow Compaq laptop.
  • follow this post to speed up the computer https://fixingblog.com/top-10-tricks-quick-smart-steps-speedup-windows-computer/  and see if this also help .

optimize Compaq laptop for better performance –

getting the Compaq computer to perform better there are few tips that you can try .

  • first please don’t open too many programs at a time this will slow it down.
  • run a virus scan to check virus in Compaq laptop .
  • turn on windows defender and make sure its updated .
  • fix Slow Compaq laptop by just disabling the animation and visual effects .

setup ready boost or upgrade the hardware –

speeding up Slow Compaq laptop also requires you to upgrade the hardware . but if you have already upgraded your Ram than try doing a ready boost .

if you have a flash drive than you can just use the ready boost feature to speed up you Slow Compaq laptop . this feature is available in windows 7, 8, 8.1 , or windows 10

just plug the USB flash drive to laptop and go the properties of your usb drive and setup ready boost and assign the space to ready boost this will fix Slow Compaq laptop and laptop will perform faster than it was .


for anything other than that please comment below for help

How to Fix Paper Jam In Printer ?

How to Fix Paper Jam In Printer –

sometime there is paper stuck at printer or printer saying the paper is jam and may more issues like that .

to fix all this issues with printer follow this guide and see if this works for you .

  • first unplug the printer from power and wait for 1 min than restart the printer .
  • please  don’t pull the paper out from a jam in the opposite direction this will create more issues .
  • just go check to make sure there is no loose paper stuck in loading tray .
  • you can also take out paper roller and clean paper roller using a cotton cloth .
  • try moving the print head to the left and restart the printer and see if this work .
  • restart the computer or the device that you are trying to print with and restart the printer and see if this works .

Clean and re-insert ink cartridges-

  • please take out ink cartridge and clean it . cleaning print head also works to solve this issue.
  •  when your ink cartridge very dry try following steps given in the post https://fixingblog.com/fix-print-head-problem-printer/ and see if this guide you to solve the issue .
  • make sure print cartridge can move easily and freely .
  • again restart everything ( printer and device ) and cancel every print job. and see if this works and fix the paper job

Prevent paper jam printer  –

always create more and more issues when its fixed you can also use these few tips to prevent paper jam printer issues .

Tips –

  • do not overload the papers because this should also cause paper jam in printer
  • clean the printer and restart many times computer and printer
  • Make  sure  your printer paper is properly  inserted into the paper slot or tray .

-please comment below and let us know about any other issue with printer . thanks for reading