How to forward ports in Belkin wireless router for games ?

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If You Need To Forward Port In Belkin Wireless Router Please Follow Instructions and Get It Going .

Lets Go  And Fix It –

Belkin Router Port Forwarding-

The Port forwarding process is Dependant on the Brand and Model Number of the Router being Used.

Sometime For Some Type Of Games Or Program You Need to Do Port Forwarding In Your Router.

Security Or Home Camera Also Need Port Forwarding sometimes For better Connectivity and Performance .

Requirements- These Are the things That You Might Need Before You Go And Try to do the Belkin Router Port Forwarding  .

  •  The IP address of the computer or device to have the port forwarded to
  •  The port numbers to be used and whether they are TCP or UDP ports
  •  The router connected to the computer using an Ethernet cable .

Port forwarding of a router is required with your system to allow user access to your Connected application Or device .

Regardless of the Belkin Wired Router being used, the process of port forwarding is similar to every other Router .

You will need to enable the ports by locating the port range forwarding screen.

With most Belkin routers the port forwarding screen is located within the Virtual Servers option tab.

The set up instruction outlined below is an example of port forwarding using Belkin Model F5D8230-4.

Instruction To Belkin Router Port Forwarding-

Step 1: Open your web browser. Enter the router IP address in the address bar And Login To Your Router .

Step 2: In the status page, select the Virtual Servers option located down the left hand side of the

Step 3: In the Administrator’s page, enter your password. The default setting is left blank.

Select the Submit button.

In Case If You Can’t access Belkin Router Please Reset Your Belkin Router and setup it Again Please Follow How to setup belkin wireless router in easy steps ?

In the Virtual Server screen proceed as follows: – Enable the system by checking the enabled box –

Now In the Description column enter a description of your Device that You Want to forward the port for . –

  • In the Inbound Port entry field enter in the first box the first number of the port you need to port forward and the ending port number in the second box in (e.g. 80 – 80) – In the Type field, select Both.
  • Now  In the Private IP Address field, enter the IP address of the Device(xbox , DVR ETC.)
  • In the Private Ports column re-enter in the first box,
  • the first number of the port you need to port forward and in the second box the ending port number (e.g. 80 – 80). –
  • Select the Apply Changes button located at the top of the page to save your changes Port forwarding is now complete for the Belkin router

For Any Other Help Visit Belkin Support

i hope this will help you do Belkin Router Port Forwarding .


Why Toshiba laptop screen is black after computer startup ?

How To Fix Toshiba Laptop Screen is Black –

here are some tips to fix out the black screen …

1- turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button.
2- unplug the computer and remove the battery.
3- Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds.
4- Release the button and plug in the computer.
5- Press the start button and the display should return. Replace the battery.
it will work fine if not then
try this…
search and Download the you tube video how to disassemble or assemble your  laptop model .
Remove the Processor , Ram , Cmos Battery & Clean the Fan clean everything. disassemble-laptop-06restart your laptop if not working.
then try this..
plugged it in to external monitor and see screen is working fine or not and set the display graphics back to HD mode with external monitor display. At least this tells me that it’s not an issue with the hardware.
Reboot your computer in safe mode. Go to the Start Menu and select:
All Programs -> System Tools -> System Restoresystem-restore-options1
Select a restore point dated prior to when the problem started , than Reboot.

You should now have your displays back. install a proper antivirus and scan your full computer and you can also run a Microsoft fix it tool  to check or fix the bugs.
at last the only thing i can recommend you is reset your windows laptop when you Toshiba laptop screen is black .

follow step by step to reset the windows computer-

while Toshiba laptop screen is black you can try booting computer in safe mode . restart the laptop and when your laptop is powering on tap on F8 few times rapidly . now you will see black screen with many options

just select the  safe mode with networking and boot your computer in safe mode . and than you can reset the computer .

for normal steps try and see if this helps to fix your problem .

please comment below and let us know if you have many more problems in laptop . thanks for Reading .

Why Asus laptop wireless internet is not working ?

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Dear Folks today we will tech you how to fix asus laptop wireless Connection .

We will Guide You through all Quick steps to fix wireless internet Problem

Lets Get started and understand the asus wireless issue computer

Why Asus laptop won’t Connect to WiFi –

Friends what have noticed that most of people facing this wireless connection Problem just after windows Update .

It does not matter how you got this problem we are here to insure that its going to be fixed as long as its not a hard ware problem .

First follow these baby basic steps – 

  • Restart the Laptop and wait for 2 minutes .
  • Make Sure Router Is turned On and functioning .
  • Take a Good look at Your laptop Keyboard and make sure wireless switch is On .
  • Just Confirm that Your Laptop is In range Of your Router . (check the signal strength)

After you have Tried all these steps We Going to Try some More Troubleshooting Steps –

Updating The Wireless Driver of laptop-

Dear Folks ,

Updating the wireless Driver of you asus laptop will help to fix bugs Or any other Problem in wireless adapter .

Follow Steps to Update the wireless driver

  • Go to Control panel And Click network and internet .
  • Now Go to Network and sharing Center 
  • Click Change adapter settings Select wireless Network ( WiFi )
  • Please Right Click On wireless Adapter and go to Properties 





  • Now Go to the Driver Section Under Properties and Click On update driver.
  • Let the Windows Search automatically the best Driver for your wireless adapter .
  • after you update the wireless driver restart the laptop and see if that works .

If this Works Great, But don’t worry if you were Not able to update the driver.

We have one another way to updating the wireless adapter

Update the wireless adapter using device manager

Press the Windows Key with latter R at your keyboard Together and hold for 3 seconds and than let it go Now you will See A Box At left saying RUN.





  • In the Run Please Type Devmgmt.msc and Click OK
  • Now Please Go to the Network Adapter and expend it by clicking On it .
  • Right Click On it And update the wireless Adapter settings and driver .

See If This Works And get this issue Resolved .

If this Did not work Check the Firewall Settings and Reset the Internet Browser.

Friends You can Also Uninstall the Wireless Adapter.

  • Go to the Respective Brand owner website and Download the latest driver available using Your Laptop Model Number.+
  • After Installing the latest wireless adapter Please Restart the Laptop .

Read More About FIX Windows laptop won’t connect to wireless to router 

You can Also Go to to insure that you download the latest softwae availble

More Tips to fix Asus laptop wireless Problems-

  • Try Updating the wireless router firmware
  • You can Also Try chainging the wireless router password and encryption type
  • Sometime You Antivirus Can also Block the internet Connection , make sure You update the latest b=version of your antivirus program .
  • Try changing the the channel settings on your router
  • Please Perform a cleanup of your system and remove all junks and Corrupted files and Get the best Performance out of it Please Follow

See if all this Help You to fix the Problem

Please Comment Below if you are still need Help with it .

Please share this at social networking if this helped you to fix the issue with Asus laptop wireless .

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lenovo laptop sound is not working ?

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Friends you would be amazed to know that i had this issue six months back in my Office laptop . i did research and troubleshoot a lot to fix the issue with one of my lenovo laptop.

fix lenovo laptop sound Problems –

Here are some method’s to fix the lenovo laptop audio problem..

first thing you have to Check to make sure that you haven’t hit the Mute function key by accident. It may be F11 (or close to it!)
First methods…

1- check volume control click on the sound icon in your system tray and make sure there is no red circle with a cross going through it. Also, make sure to raise the volume bar.

2- Check volume in application become a lot of programs have their own volume control so if you are watching YouTube video, you need to turn up the volume in the YouTube player.

if sound is not working so the issue may be more involved dont worry lets move on second one.

Possible Driver may be culprit –

friends most of the time its a driver problem . you may want to Uninstall and install the sound driver .

or may be you just want to update the sound driver .

Try some more Tips before we continue –

put the headphone or speakers in audio jack and check the ports you have connected the speakers or headphones its working or not if didn’t work then configure speaker properties

1- Go to speaker icon (the red trumpet) at the system tray and right-click it to select “Playback devices”.
2- Right click at the blank space and select “Show Disabled Devices


Choose speakers and then click on the Set Default button.

3- if it is disabled then Right click on speakers to select “Enable”. Click “OK” .
4- Under the Playback tab, double-click on Speakers, which is selected by default, to open its properties.
5- Go to Advanced tab under Speakers Properties and change bit rate to either 24bit/44100 Hz or 24bit/192000Hz, depending on the speaker configuration.
6- Click on Apply and then OK to save the changes. Check for sound play on your device.
if not working then Microsoft has a couple of troubleshooting FixIt solutions just for audio problems in Windows. They have a sound playback troubleshooter.

click on start
in search bar type troubleshooting click on it.
you can see there hardware and sound click on troubleshooting audio playback.
doesn’t have sound don’t worry
lets move on third onebut before you do that

watch this you tube video that we made to resolve sound issue –

Update the lenovo laptop sound driver –

1- Go to My Computer and right click on it
2- Go to manage and then select device manager

3- Here you can see “Sound and multimedia” click on it.

4- Now click on update driver and select online update it will download driver and you will listen your sound.
if not
5- uninstall-audio-device6-uninstall and reinstall the sound driver from Lenovo website .
7-please restart your laptop and Connect an earphone or external speaker to audio jack, is there sound from the audio jack?
if not then press windows key + r at a same time it appears run command type there services.msc and click ok.



  • click on windows audio and restart your services if stop and restart your laptop and check your sound is working or not
  • if not then may be there can be issue with sound driver version or windows upgrade issue . you can   restore your window at earlier point (back date) that can be problem solver.

follow How to reset windows computer to Earlier settings



have patience
if again your sound is not working then it may be hardware problem you have to go your local technician .
If you still have the problem, please let us know by leaving it in your comment.

We’ll try our best to help out. If you find it useful, share it with your friends.

we thank you for reading at .

how do i setup canon printer with wireless network ?

Setup  canon printer in easy steps –

sometime driver and other setting do not match or you have not tried the right steps to setup canon printer .

for setting up canon printer with wireless network or with your home router can be easy you just need to go step by step .


before you start you need to make sure you know the password of your canon printer . lets go and turn on the printer .

1. insert the CD or download the setup from canon website and run the setup .

and click next on setup page . select your country and accept the terms and conditions .  Continue reading “how do i setup canon printer with wireless network ?”

Why d-link router is not working anymore ?

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Friends, i have used dlink router for almost 3 years . it worked Great but sometime it was overheating and some other issues . but after that it worked like charm .

d-link is a know brand and they make router for long run . but Once in while You can have this problem in any wireless router .

In this post we will help you to Troubleshoot the dlink wireless router and Get the router working again .

Why dlink router not working ?

folks this a know and common issue . Sometimes it happens due to ip address misplace from one device overlap to another device for getting router work

or maybe you just need a restart on your devices .

follow these steps –

Basic steps before you continue- 

before you continue and be ready with full attention to fix dlink router try these normal steps –

  • Reboot Your modem and wait for 1 min .
  • than reboot your router and wait for 2-3 min
  • make sure modem to router connection and cable is connected .
  • Try connecting the modem with computer directly just to make sure internet service provider (Modem ) side giving you internet .

If not, reset the router. The reset button for the router is located in a small hole in the case of the router. Using a tooth pick press the button and hold for ten seconds.
Note resetting the router will return it to it’s Out of the Box state. You will need to reconfigure the admin password, and any settings you have made to the router.
Reboot your PC’s and connect to the internet.

Learn – how to setup d-link wireless router ?

i hope this will help you .

Let’s verify if you have all the network cables and connections plugged into the proper Ports.

your router is connected with modem using a ethernet cable .

In simple words first port of your router (mostly yellow port) has to be connected with the WAN port of your modem .

Your computer needs to be wired to the LAN Port of your router. Choose a different  LAN Port to see if there’s an issue with the Port that you’re using.

Now Please try rebooting the computer and router .

if that did not help

You can also try doing mac cloning depending on your Internet service provider . see if that helps

Who is your Provider? please contact With internet service provider see if they can help you .

Please comment below and let us know if you have any other problem with dlink router .

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Why Antivirus software is gone after windows update ?

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while you are reading this post i am sure you must have some issue with your antivirus protection .

may be the antivirus gone or missing antivirus protection .

See if this post can help you to solve your issue –

Fix- antivirus gone after windows update

antivirus protection in the age of technology is a must have thing . and since windows 10 is out there in almost every new windows computer there has been many issue and Microsoft is still working on them .

Personal experience- before you start doing anything let me just tell you if it is a windows 10 computer than all blame goes to Microsoft . they have created a windows where they want to rule the world .

After every windows 10 update there is a new   problem and we have been testing windows 10 on multi pal computers .

but we think that every good thing comes up with some dis-advantage

Related topic Top 10 tricks(Quick And Smart steps) to Speedup your windows computer

Windows performs a compatibility check If the check finds the anti-virus software installed is not compatible with Windows.
It is automatically uninstalled we would suggest you to go download another copy of your antivirus.deactivate the windows defender if it is blocking the antivirus .
step 1-Re-install your “Antivirus”using CD or download it from official website of antivirus  and Check it gets activate and run properly .

If it does not install than You may have to  run your Antivirus Removal Tool.

we have seen this issue with avg antivirus a lot read this also –

just to clean and remove any older version of antivirus  please and then Re-install the software.


Note- Do not reinstall an old version from an old download or an old CD, as it most likely won’t be compatible with Windows 10.
Install latest version of your antivirus protection.

and your antivirus should automatically appear and active

Windows upgrade will keep this information inside (presumably) the Windows Registry.

you won’t have to re-enter the license during a Reinstall but if its not there

than you can always get the licence key from the email or try login to your antivirus account

For more help read this  Article-

or may be checkout this one

I hope this will help you to get  out from this problem . please comment below for any other help .

We thank you  for reading .


Why my windows 10 laptop is loading very slow ?

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Friends ,

Since Microsoft has introduced there new and Improved Operating System (O.S) Windows 10 there has been many Rumors  about it.

After windows 10 Upgrade One of the starting issue that really drag windows 10 user attention was Slow windows 10 computer .

It was not all Microsoft fault –

Most of The windows 10 computers were Getting Slow after windows 10 upgrade .  Now soon after everybody start blaming Microsoft for Windows 10 upgrade .

But let me be terribly Honest it was not all Microsoft fault . and if if it was they are fixing it fast with there updates .

People just did Not Understood the windows 10 very well .

Let me point out few things like Hardware compatibility , processor capacity , hard disk space , Ram space and few settings after windows 10 update .

We have used Windows 10 as soon as it was launched . we have tested and we have brought few inside tips and tricks .

Read more  – Top 10 tricks(Quick And Smart steps) to Speedup your windows computer


Why Windows 10 laptop loading slow ?

friends there can be many reason but 2 key points are

Start up programs –  If your computer is loaded with many unwanted start up programs than they are going to make your desktop and laptop boot Very slow .

Try disabling some of start up programs that you really don’t need running all the time .

Remember this – You are just disabling them not uninstalling them so don’t worry your software will be in your computer but it will not be wasting the memory and time every time you turn your computer on .

How you disable start up programs –  drag your courser to the very bottom and Just right click anywhere in bottom .

you can see task manger . go to task manager and in the top select startup Here you can select your program and disable them

than click on apply  and ok  than you can restart the computer .


Guys see if you Still see your  Windows 10 laptop loading slow than try this Option –

Power Plan can change Windows boot performance –

Friends just make few more adjustments in your computer like adjust  the power plan of your computer .

there is a feature in windows 10 computer called Advance power settings. to setup these start up option –

 Follow these  Steps –

  • Go to the Control Panel>Hardware and Sound or click on windows key and Type Power option and click on it .
  • Now please click on Edit plan settings .
  • please click on change advanced power settings 
  • Select the high performance .
  • in below you can see what power key do
  • select hibernate or sleep 
  • Now click apply and Ok 
  • please Turn on fast start up also .
  • Please Follow and See if this can be any help to increase the speed of your windows 10 computer .
  • you can also restore your computer to back date . this can be also helpful just in case there is any program or update causing this problem –

Read More – How to Reset or Restore Windows 10 Computer  see if this can fix your  Windows 10 laptop loading slow issue .

Other than this there Few more steps that might help

First step-

Click on start
open control pannel
click on power option
choose what the power buttons do

Scroll down and verify “Turn on fast startup” is enabled
(You may need to enter your password or your PC administrator’s password to do this.)

or you can also make a shorcut to shutdown-
Right click on desktop and create a new shortcut
In the location type in “%windir%\System32\shutdown.exe -s -hybrid -f -t 00” and name it Hybrid Shutdown or whatever you want.
Now use this to shut down your computer and you will find that your startup time is back to what you may be accustomed to.

Step 2-
  • Right-click on the Start Menu icon and click on Device Manager.
  • Click on Display Adapters and identify your dedicated graphics card.
  • It’ll be labelled Nvidia, AMD Radeon or ATi Radeon etc .
  • Right-click on the graphics card and click “disable“. Shut down your PC (not restart) and turn it on again to see if this has fixed the problem. (If you only have Intel HD Graphics, you do not need to do this)
  • If you have an AMD graphics card, there is one more step you can try.
  • Go to the Start Menu and type “regedit“. Open regedit and click the Edit button at the top of the screen, then click on Find.
  • Type “EnableULPS” and click “Find Next”. EnableULPS will be highlighted in the list of registry options.
    Double click it, and change the value from 1 to 0.


  • This will disable a power saving feature that switches off your dedicated graphics card when it’s not needed and this will mean your laptop consumes more battery power.
  •  do this if your laptop spends most of its time plugged in.

i am sure this was helpful . please comment below and tell us if you have any other issue related with Windows 10 laptop loading slow .

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Why mac is stuck on startup with white screen with apple logo ?

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Why Mac is stuck at startup  –

Mac computers are the good computers but it gets hard and become more trouble when they get stuck on some point .

Try these few options and see if this helps you solve this mac screen stuck or no boot  problem.

sometimes Problem occurred after update. If you hear additional beeps or chimes at this point, this indicates a possible hardware issue and startup halts.

Sometime its just hard to say why  Mac is stuck at startup but we can fix this using the basic settings .
remove everything power cord, USB, audio jack everything.
first you have to do boot up your matchbook in safe mode by holding shift key.
shutdown your Mac  in power backup by holding the shift key. (power+shift key)
when your mac is fully started in safe mode go a head and restart it normally.  Continue reading “Why mac is stuck on startup with white screen with apple logo ?”

Why linksys router is Stopped working all of the sudden ?

Hello Linksys Users , Welcome To

Do You Have Problem With Your Linksys Wireless Router ?

If Yes Than Let Us Tell You That We Can Guide You How To get Your Linksys Wireless Router Working Again In Easy And Quick Steps –

First Lets Find Out Why Linksys Wireless Router Is Not Connecting With Internet .

  • Linksys Router Has Lost Internet Connectivity From Modem .
  • Wireless Router Firmware Is Outdated Or Possibly Any Other Reasons That Made Your Linksys Quit Working .

Checkout Some Baby Steps First –

  • Doing a restart solves the most of the problem in wireless router .
  • Try doing the power cycle (Restart) Your Modem ,Computer,Router and see it works for your Linksys Wireless Router .

If Your linksys wireless router is Still Not Working  or giving you issue to connect with any device in home. Please Read Further –

 Fix your linksys wireless router  –

1- Please Restart the linksys router and restart the modem and connect them using a cable (make sure from the internet port)

see if this works if not than go to other step.

2- Now please just reset the linksys router using the reset key at the back of your linksys wireless router .

just press the reset key using paper-clip or Pen and Hold for like 30-45 seconds  and than let it go .

You must reboot the router and modem After Reset Of Linksys Router  .

Read More How To Setup Linksys Wireless Router In 5 Min ?


3- now you can see a unsecured linksys wireless network in the network list of your computer and please try to connect with it.

4- Please type on the top of browser (URL)of your computer.

now please setup the router like a new wireless  router

go to  wireless security tab and  setup SSID and PASSWORD for your router.

and after setup restart all the devices (modem and router and computer )

it should work if linksys is still not working try contacting with ISP.

see if that works  and solves the problem in router . let me know if you need any other help .


Tips For Linksys Router –

1-Please do not reset linksys WiFi router again and again it May Cause Hardware problems in Router .

2. While setting the linksys wireless router 2nd time please do not use same SSID (NETWORK Name) and Password (WIRELESS PASSWORD).

this seems to help a lot (personal experience )

3. Please do not reset the Modem in any case that will not help to solve this problem .

We Hope This Will Help You To Fix Linksys Wireless Router .

Please Comment below for any other issue With Linksys Wireless Router .

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